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10 Worst Pick up Lines ...

By Jennifer

We’ve all heard them, laughed at them, and then ignored the guy who tried them. Why is it that some guys seem to think they’ll work? Pick-up lines are just ridiculous, but it’s fun to compare them. Here are my favorites:

1 Do You Have Any Band-Aids? Because I Skinned My Knees Falling for You

Sweet but corny. I can see this coming from a guy who really thought you were pretty, delivered with a wide, friendly smile. Next step? He’ll introduce himself and ask your name.

2 Do You Work for UPS? Because I Think I Saw You Checking out My Package

Please. As if you were checking out his package. Give him your most scathing look and turn away. Maybe he’ll have better luck with that lame line on a girl who’s had a little more to drink.


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3 I Forgot My Phone Number. Can I Have Yours?

Kind of clever. The success in this line depends on the delivery. I might fall for it, if he was particularly cute or funny.

4 Can I Buy You a Drink, or do You Just Want the Cash?

Not amusing! It’s insulting, implying that you could be bought for the price of a well drink. Please. Move on.

5 Smile if You Want to Come Home with Me

Of course your first instinct is to smile at this risqué joke, but now that you’ve read it here, I hope you won’t give him the satisfaction of that accidental smile.

6 Did It Hurt when You Fell from Heaven?

Aww! I like this one! It’s bad, but in a very sweet, child-like way.

7 Are Your Legs Tired? Because You’ve Been Running through My Mind All Day

Lame! One of the ultimate cheese lines of all time. Ignore the cretin and let him slink back to his friends.

8 If I Were in Charge of the Alphabet, I’d Put U and I Together

Actually, I’ve used this one with great success. Men seem to like it, but I can’t see a girl falling for it. Hmm.

9 I’m Not the Best-looking Guy Here, but I’m the Only One Talking to You

Jerk! Just turn on your heel and ignore him. He’s right — he’s not the best-looking guy in the place, but he’s NOT talking to you!

10 Can I Borrow Your Phone? I Promised My Mother I’d Tell Her when I Fell in Love

Oh, so bad! Why would any guy think this would work? It’s almost creepy, actually… why’d he have to go and use that L word?

Those are my personal favorites, most of which I’ve actually heard myself, or heard someone try on a friend. What’s your favorite bad (or good!) pick-up line? Did it work? Please let me know… I love these bad pick-up lines!

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