7 Really Cute Funny Bone Ticklers ...

Every so often I run a cross a little joke that puts a smile on my face. Did you know it take twice as many muscles to frown as it does to smile? People who frown a lot have baggy cheek muscles, really! It’s true! The best exercise for your face? Smiling! So go ahead, smile a while and give your face a rest!

1. Summer Fun?

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Photo Credit: AhavatHaEmet

I’ll never understand teachers. First, they tell you to have a nice summer, then they hand out a summer reading list.

2. Man in the Moon

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Photo Credit: Philipp Klinger / AWAY (In Greece)

When is the moon the heaviest?

When it’s full!

3. Childhood Days Are over

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Photo Credit: Alan Ranger

When 7 year old Maggie was asked by Grandma if she was excited about turning 7, and being such a big girl, she replied, “Not really, Grammy. I had a lot of fun being a kid.”

4. The Ocean’s Girlfriend

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Photo Credit: PatrickSmithPhotography

Who does the ocean date?

Well, he goes out with the tide!

5. Moms Best Kept Secret

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Photo Credit: fd

Six-year-old Amy found an envelope one day that held her baby tooth. “So, she said to her mommy, “I guess this means you really are the tooth fairy.” As reality settled on her, she finally cocked her head to the side and asked, “Does daddy know about this?”

6. Bed Time Prayers

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Photo Credit: ><((>

As 12 year old Keith said his prayers, he prayed fervently, “…and please don’t let mom see my 1 star rating of dinner tonight.”

7. Singing Birds

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Why do hummingbirds hum so much?

Because they do not know the words!

I hope you have enjoyed these little smile ticklers. Let me know if you have a cute joke to share!

Top Photo Credit: eaukes

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