10 Words You Need to Quit Misspelling in Blogs ...

Okay, so technically speaking the 10 words I am going to put on here are not misspelled. They are misused. The reason you should look over this list is because in many cases, the spell checker is not going to correct them for you. Below, I am going to give you 10 words you need to quit misspelling (or misusing) in blogs…

10. Your-You’re

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Your blog could lose visitors if you are not paying attention to your writing. You could stop using “you’re” all together and use you are, instead. After this, you will notice some improvements in your spelling.

9. Then – than

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Tell yourself that it is better late than never to get those vowel placements in order! Then, maybe your readers will find something that is more useful to comment on than those spelling impediments are.

8. Its – It’s

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If you fail to tell the difference between these two, then instead of using “It’s,” use it is. I see this misspelled a lot by my writers! So, pay attention!

7. To – Too – Two

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You have probably noticed too, that there are too many errors on blogs. I came across two just now on a blog (not allwomenstalk), that had two mistakes. When I am going to a blog, I do not expect mistakes…that is how you should use to-too and two.

6. Were-Where-We’re

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Where are you? We were just doing blogs and we’re finishing up another one. Make sure the other writers do the same. Were-Where and We’re are often misunderstood.

5. Their – They’re There

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They’re working on the articles over there. When I look at their articles, I see no spelling errors. Instead of putting “They’re,” you could just put they are.

4. A – an

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An would be used if a vowel pronunciation is following it. A would be used if it is not a vowel pronunciation following it.

3. Of – off

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I told the iguana to get off of the couch. For blogs, you should have paid attention in school when they were teaching you how to write “should of” or off your visitors are going to go.

2. Here – Hear

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Hear me out when I tell you that here is a blog worth reading! Know why? Because I know the common misspelled words and when you are done reading this and taking notes, you will too!

1. Lose – Loose

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If you are too loose on the writing discipline, you are going to end up losing your readers. You may have a screw loose if you do not use these writing rules from here on out! You will win some and you will not lose anyone!

Those are the 10 common misspelled (Misused) words on blog postings. So, take some notes and the next time you are writing a blog, you should do better! Which words have you had problems with in the past?

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