7 Social Networks You Should Be Logging on to ...

Call it what you will – the Next Big Thing or a Total Waste of Time – social media is no longer just a buzzword in communication. These ever-growing networks of friends and strangers may have started out as only personal file and thought sharing platforms (or even over-sharing), but are now used as powerful marketing tools for businesses and corporations around the world.

Some days I can’t see the line between friends and strangers. Even if mostly I feel as though my A.D.D. is on overdrive!

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While we silently mourn the slow death of MySpace, most of us have jumped ship to Facebook. This social network is used for personal and professional connections, news sourcing, game playing, photo sharing and a tool in building business and brand recognition. With its multiple uses, there will be abuse (ahem, Farmville) and certain spewed nonsense, but ultimately, I find it a great way to keep up with out-of-state friends, locate new local information and keep track of events and birthdays.

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