7 of My Favorite Online Magazines ...


7 of My Favorite Online Magazines ...
7 of My Favorite Online Magazines ...

Today, there are so many options available online, it is amazing. Reading from the computer, or Kindle, or iPad, or various other electronics, it’s a whole new world. So, what can read online? Here are my favorite online magazines…

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Better Homes and Gardens Whether you are looking for recipes, home tips, or decorating fun, Better Homes and Gardens deliver! The online version is bright and colorful, easy to navigate, and full of multi media to catch your eye.


Another magazine that has it all is Southern Living. My favorite area of this online magazine, though, is the recipe section. Tons of delicious ideas, unusual recipes, and menus for a crowd, this truly is a great magazine.


Woman’s Day This magazine is all about women. Plenty of home solutions, organizing tips, and great reads are included here. The online version is bold, colorful and easy to navigate. There are lots and lots of categories to choose from and plenty to read.


Perfect for moms and dads! This online source of information will keep you entertained and informed at the same time. Tips on parenting, family fun, craft ideas, and articles just for children, this cool magazine will be fun for the entire family!


Family Fun I actually subscribe to this magazine. But I visit the online version because you can print all the fabulous templates, lists, and schedules from their magazine. They also have more “stuff” available that is not included in the print version.


Another rich source of entertainment at its best! I love this site! Fabulous family fun tips and ideas are ready for you to absorb. Tons of ideas, recipes, kid friendly solutions and tips, reviews, and much more will keep you coming back for more.


Families Online This resourceful magazine is designed for the parent in mind. There’s a professional, but entertaining, interface, and plenty to read. I like the advice and tips given. Health and nutrition articles, finance and school tips, and tips and advice on parenting are all included here!

You can read and be informed, or you can read simply for enjoyment. All of these choices in my list do both. Have you read any fabulous online magazines lately?

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I love to read magazines online as they are more environment friendly and you can find the issue you are looking easily.In a pile of books it is harder to find a particular issue. Though I read more of research related magazines, Woman's Day is also my fav.

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