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5 Yellow Fun Things to Say Hello to...

By Meream

1 Nail Polish

Yellow nail polish? What do you think of the color? You know, if Karen can rock it, I think I can, too.

2 Living Room Wall

A living room painted in yummy yellow! I have never seen a room so welcoming and airy and beautiful.

3 Dandelions

Romeika took photos of lovely dandelions. While you're at her blog, you may want to browse through all the photos she has taken. She is talented, this girl.


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4 Blow Drier Chandelier

That's right, a chandelier made of yellow blow driers. Emily spotted this treasure at a blow dry bar. I wish we have blow dry bars in my city.

5 Striped Bikini Top

I am going to the beach this weekend and I wish I have this bikini top (3rd photo). So pretty! I gather this will make for a great outfit photo, with the turquoise waters and clear blue skies.

Top Photo Credit: harold.lloyd

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