7 Funny Websites to Enjoy ...


7 Funny Websites to Enjoy ...
7 Funny Websites to Enjoy ...

No matter how hardworking you are, there will be times when you become stressed or bored with your tasks. One way to have fun and relieve your stress is by laughing. Here are 7 websites that will tickle your funny bone. Some contain adult humor and aren't so safe for the workplace so visit at your own discretion.

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Cracked The lists of facts and expert-sounding articles will give you the impression that this website is quite credible. However, you will soon learn that even the people who run this site make fun of and even question their own credibility. Visit this site for the sole purpose of enjoying the crude wit and humor that abound. Some of their topics and photos are not safe for work.


the Oatmeal I love this guy’s highly sarcastic view of the world and the people around him. I also love how he comes up with comics that show what a stickler for grammar he is. The way he is able to interpret ideas and events into witty comics is pure genius. The strips are drawn in his unique and funny style so be prepared to also be captivated by the visual aspect of his posts. If you are done reading his comic strips, you can proceed to waste time by taking the weird and funny quizzes on his site.


Failblog This site from the Cheezburger network documents the different Failed moments in our recent history. It’s quite a (comic) relief and an assurance to see people from different walks of life commit blunders and funny mistakes. No one is exempted from being featured on this website. If you commit a fail, you might end up on page one of Failblog.


Failbook From the same network as Failblog, comes the Failbook website. If you find your Facebook news feed to be boring and uninteresting, then head over to this site. User-submitted screenshots capture the mindless and funny things people post on their Facebook walls. You will not believe the things that people come up with. But wait… with this website, you just might. Be prepared to be amused, puzzled, concerned, and dumbfounded.


the Perry Bible Fellowship The Perry Bible Fellowship is an interesting web comic. The art employed is varied and very interesting to the eyes. Aside from the visual appeal, the stories are also something to behold. They are a mix of funny, disturbing, morbid, sexually-oriented, and sometimes just plain weird. If you don’t like boring and repetitive things, then you will surely enjoy The Perry Bible Fellowship.


xkcd XKCD (normally in lowercase letters) is a hilarious comic strip that is drawn with stick figures. While the graphics are certainly nothing impressive, it is the content that grabs hold of you. The topics of the strips are varied, ranging from pop culture, mathematics, technology, love, and well, anything really. Some strips are funny only if you are familiar with the references being made. But more often than not, that is not the case. If you live in reality and know bits and pieces of the world we live in, then you will most likely get the jokes in this web comic.


FMyLife Has anything happened to you recently that made you say “F*ck my life”? Well, join the thousands of other individuals on this funny site by submitting your story. You can also just laugh at or sympathize with other people if nothing significantly messed up has happened in your life.

These websites, aside from being funny and entertaining, allow you to experience the rest of the world without leaving your desk. Take everything in good stride and laugh your heart out. Do you know of other funny websites? I would love to hear about them.

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texts from last night is a good one too

The oatmeal, FML, and XKCD are my faves!!!!

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