7 Best Pregnancy Websites to Visit ...

By Talynn

7 Best Pregnancy Websites to Visit ...

Although pregnancy an be a happy time, which for most it should be, there are occasions we hit a bump in the road. Maybe you are nervous about labor. Maybe, you are scarred about becoming a parent. Maybe, you need advice on exercise and nutrition during your pregnancy. I have put together a few of my favorite websites for mommies-to-be. Enjoy this time of happiness and relax knowing it will be okay. Becoming a mommy is absolutely wonderful. Here are some things you can read to ease your worries!

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1 the Bump

the Bump Start here, at this website. You will find lots and lots of information here, beginning with tips for getting pregnant. You will also find freebies, a question and answer place, and a baby registry. You’ll love this site, I am sure.

2 Pregnancy.org

Pregnancy.org This website is broken down into specific categories: Getting Pregnant, Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery, and Baby and Beyond. There is also a cool and very awesome video section. Plus, you will find many more areas to explore at the bottom of the page. To many to list, but plan on spending a lot of time browsing.

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3 Pregnancy Weekly

Pregnancy Weekly This is a personalized site, which is really, really awesome! There are a limited number of free memberships right now, so hurry over and join. Once you are a member, you will start at the beginning of your pregnancy and get timely, up to date, week-by-week guides. If you do not want to join, there’s still plenty to read. There is an article on PUPP. Only 1% of all pregnant women get this peculiar rash, and I was in that 1% with my 4th pregnancy. Interesting, huh?

4 Having a Baby

Having a Baby This site offers many, many links to articles on everything! You will find plenty to read about getting pregnant, having a baby, baby solutions, toddlers, and on up to teens. Please take the time to follow the links. The site isn’t flashy with photos and videos, but when you click on the links, you will find plenty of articles.

5 BabyCenter Blogs

BabyCenter Blogs This site is an additional add-on to BabyCenter.com. I really love the blog site. There is so much information here; it would take days to read through everything. When I was forced to bed rest, I needed lots to read. There’s plenty here and you will love the celebrity gossip and photos!

6 Parents

Parents I love the tools you can use section. Loaded with fun apps, quizzes, and to=do-lists, this is a different kind of pregnancy site. Don’t worry, you will find all the typical kind of articles, too. Articles about you body during pregnancy and your developing baby are helpful and inspirational.

7 ChildBirth

ChildBirth Enjoy the “Most Popular Features” section. Find out about getting pregnant, interactive birth plan, pregnancy books, and online childbirth classes. Not for sure if you are pregnant? Read the article on 25 signs of Pregnancy.”

Pregnancy is such a special time in your life. Make the most of every minute of. Believe me, it will pass so quickly. That may not be very comforting right now, when all you want is very your baby to hurry and get here. But it will come before you know it. Enjoy reading these articles. Would you let me know if you liked any of the sites I posted? Thanks!

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