8 Tips on Creating the Perfect Nursery for Your Little One ...


8 Tips on Creating the Perfect Nursery for Your Little One ...
8 Tips on Creating the Perfect Nursery for Your Little One ...

If you just found out you are pregnant, then you are probably putting a lot of thought into creating that nursery. You don’t want just any nursery, you want the perfect one. In that case, I am going to give you 8 tips on creating the perfect nursery for your little one …

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Colorful Numbers and Letters

Photo Credit: inhabitots.com

If you have experience with babies, then you would know that babies enjoy colorful things. So, in your perfect little nursery, you should add some colorfulnumbers and letters on the wall – this will also help them learn.


Comfortable Setting

Comfortable Setting Photo Credit: tjlewis

Of course, for the perfect nursery, you need to make sure the entire setting is comfortable. Don’t put the crib in front of a window or where there are any drafts.


Temporary Decorations

Temporary Decorations Photo Credit: joannemarkov

These type of decorations have become quite popular in today’s world. There are multiple temporary decorations that you will be able to choose from. These are the type of decorations that can be taken off of the wall when the child has outgrown it. Perhaps you could use them for the next child.


Consider the Fact That the Ultrasound Could Be Wrong

Consider the Fact That the Ultrasound Could Be Wrong Photo Credit: Little Crown Interiors

When you first get your ultrasound and you find out it is a girl, your first actions will be running to the store and getting something pink. However, you should consider the fact that those ultrasounds could be wrong. I wouldn’t want to see you going through the trouble of painting the room all pink only to find you have a boy. So, try using neutral colors – perhaps green, purple, yellow and so on.


Make Sure It is Safe

Make Sure It is Safe Photo Credit: adrienne...

In order to have the perfect nursery, it will need to be safe. Make sure you do not have any baby stuff that has been recalled. Many popular cribs, today, have been recalled. Get a crib that is up to date and not used.


Organic Crib Bedding

Photo Credit: thegreenstork.net

Did you know that conventionally grown cotton has been heavily sprayed? Actually, it is one of the most heavily sprayed crops out there. In order to make sure that sensitive skin is not being exposed to toxins, you should use organic bedding that has been made from organic fabrics.


Environment Friendly Paint

Environment Friendly Paint Photo Credit: thehaystackneedleonline.com

When you pain, do you smell that strong odor in the air? Many paints have toxins in it that is known as volatile organic compounds. This can lead to various health problems. They can linger around long after the paint has dried. Therefore, you should look for zero-voc or milk-based paint.


Plan a Budget

Plan a Budget Photo Credit: AMagill

Of course, it is important that you do not do this blindly. If you were to do it blindly, then you could end up spending more money than you actually have. Therefore, you need to sit down and plan a nice budget that you can afford.

Those are 8 tips on creating the perfect nursery for your little one. With the right amount of research and time spent on it (don’t overwork yourself), you will be able to come up with the perfect idea. So, what ideas do you plan on using?

Top Photo Credit: carrie-nelson

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