7 Best Pregnancy Tests ...


7 Best Pregnancy Tests ...
7 Best Pregnancy Tests ...

If you think you might be pregnant, you want to know right away, and you want to know for certain. The best test is a blood test, which your doctor or someone at Planned Parenthood can do. But what if it’ the weekend, or the middle of the night, and you just can’t wait anymore? What are the best, most effective, accurate, and easiest pregnancy tests you can do right now, at home? Here they are:

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This brand offers the largest tip, which is a big deal, if you’ve ever tried to pee on one of those tiny little tips from another brand. AccuClear also has a very simple one step process, and you can use it any time of day (some tests are only accurate if you use them first thing in the morning).



With this one, you can get early results, up to five days before you even miss your period! I like this one because there are two tests in each box, so if you’re not sure about the first result, or you think you may have done something wrong, you can do it again.


Clearblue Easy

This one turns a bright, easy-to-see pink if you’re pregnant. You can test up to four days before you even miss your period and get accurate results.


ClearBlue Easy Digital

This one tells you right on the stick “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant” in English or in Spanish. No looking at little symbols or colors and trying to decide what they mean. How easy is that? You can also use this one up to four days before you miss your period, so you can know sooner.



E.P.T. offers a few slightly different tests, but they can all be used up to four days before a missed period. The leaflet inside still recommends waiting until the day after your period was supposed to start for more accurate results.


First Response Early Result

This one also contains two tests inside each box! It will also allow you to test up to four days before your period, and is a proud partner of the March of Dimes.


First Response Gold Digital

Another digital test for easy deciphering of results. It will say “yes” if you’re pregnant or “no” if you’re not. So easy to understand! Each box contains one test, unlike the regular First Response, which contains two.

If you’ve taken any of these tests, regardless of what the result say, it’s always a good idea to get the final answer from your doctor. I used the ClearBlue Easy each time I was pregnant, and the results were always accurate. Which test did you use to find out whether you were expecting? Was it accurate? Please let me know!

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