7 Best Gifts for a Baby Shower ...


7 Best Gifts for a Baby Shower ...
7 Best Gifts for a Baby Shower ...

We've all been to baby showers where the mother-to-be has opened gift after gift of bibs and rattles and burp cloths. Honestly, how many booties could one baby use? Here are 7 great baby shower gift ideas that mommy will appreciate and open with enthusiasm as apposed to ANOTHER set of sleepers!

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Wipe Warmer

Wipe Warmer Photo Credit: hamgrazer

A lot of mothers tend to think wipe warmers are unnecessary and therefore won't buy one themselves. This is a great gift for you to step in and buy because it's a nice, thoughtful gesture, and even though she doesn't realize it now, mommy will be glad she has it when diaper changing sessions end in smiles instead of screams because, who wants a cold wipe on the rear end? Just think how uncomfortable it is for you using the toilet in the wintertime. Brr!


Bottle Warmer

Bottle Warmer Photo Credit: naturalmom

Here we have another item that moms won't go to the store and buy themselves. "It's just as easy and convenient to heat it in the microwave," they may say. Sure, that's true, but in the middle of the night when baby Joe wakes up screaming to be fed and mommy is scrambling around trying to run into the kitchen half asleep and cranky to heat up a bottle, she will wish she had a bottle warmer. They are so convenient to simply plug up and keep the bottle warm as long as needed, or re-heat an already-cold bottle.


Carseat Cover

Carseat Cover Photo Credit: Dingbat Press

Car seat covers can sometimes be thought of as something that isn't as important to buy because its does the same thing a blanket will do. But that's not quite the truth. Blankets can slip down easier, especially if the baby tends to kick a lot, then he could be breathing in cold air that will make him sick. Especially for someone who lives where its very cold, these are great gifts that will be used a lot!


Baby Einstein DVDs

Baby Einstein DVDs Photo Credit: dvds-box-set.com

You may be thinking "DVDs for a baby?" Sure! They are people too, albeit very small, and their minds need to be stimulated just like an adult's mind needs to be stimulated! A very small infant sleeps most of the day, but once he turns about 6 months old, those DVDs will be great for mom to pop in and sit baby in his bouncy seat while she cooks supper. They have soothing music and bright shapes and funny noises to keep baby occupied and content while being very educational. Most of the DVDs play classical music and sing the alphabet and count. Think of it as you helping the baby to get a head start on his education!


A Handmade Gift

A Handmade Gift Photo Credit: filminthefridge

The very best of gifts are most often full of sentimental value. A handmade quilt (made by you or one handed down from generations), a picture of the mother when she was a baby to hang in the nursery, or a stuffed animal that you embroidered the child's name on. Whatever gift you give, if it's full of love, it will be greatly cherished and appreciated.


Photo Albums

Photo Albums Photo Credit: capedwonder.com

Baby has so many pictures made within his first few years, it can be expensive to buy enough photo albums to put them all in, so they usually end up sitting on a shelf in their paper envelopes. So help get those pics out on display! Buy a few cute little photo albums and picture frames, and offer to help put the pictures inside them! It's a sneaky way to get to come over and goo and gaa at baby too!


Your Time

Your Time With the economy today, most of us barely are able to make ends meet. If you're in one of these positions, there's no need to skip out on the shower because you feel bad that you can't afford a gift. Instead, print up a few cute little cards on your computer and create a little "Coupon book." They can be coupons for mommy to use such as one day of free baby-sitting, or making a meal and bringing it by so that she gets a break from cooking. You could even offer to drive her around one day while she runs errand or goes to the doctor and keep the baby occupied so she can finish what she needs to get done. Be creative and thoughtful, and this may just be her most treasured gift of all!

These ideas are just a scratch to the surface from the great selection of baby gifts available. With our new technology these days, anything is possible and I'm sure there are many gadgets and gizmos for keeping baby occupied and happy. Just don't fall into the rut of buying the same thing everyone else does, save mom a trip to the store to return 12 packs of little socks and buy something the baby and mom can really use and appreciate! Did one of these ideas catch your attention?

Top Photo Credit: Krista Palmu

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Great ideas! I especially liked the last one. I enjoy cooking, but after the baby comes it is not high on my priority list and I tend to order take-out. A home-cooked meal would be a wonderful gift and nice change from my, sadly, short menu.

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