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Pregnancy Doesn't Change Anything for My Husband but I Wish It Would ...

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**By Christine Foley ** How can husbands be more involved early on in a pregnancy? I adore my husband and, for the most part, he is extremely supportive of everything going on in my life. However, going through our second pregnancy (the first ended in a miscarriage at 14 weeks), it has become very clear to me that not much is changing in his life and a LOT is changing in mine. So what can I do to get him more active in these changes? My waist and thighs have not gotten much bigger yet - just thick enough to make my clothes tight, I notice with envy as he shrugs on the same old clothes every morning, my side of the room littered with clothes that are uncomfortable. Every night for the last few weeks, I have been putting his hand on my stomach and asking him to talk to the baby. Usually he just makes sarcastic comments about the baby's gender, but he's been getting more into it and when he leaves in the morning sometimes he rubs my slight tummy and say "goodbye, baby." Here are some other things we can do together - and which you and your significant other might enjoy as well!

1 Talk about Names

For us, this will probably take the full 9 months to reach a compromise, but it's fun going through the lists we have.

2 Look at Baby Items Together

My husband finally got into the spirit of shopping for the baby when, a Jeep driver himself, he found out that Jeep makes a stroller. Of course, we have to get it!

3 Leave Your Baby Books out

Sometimes, if I leave the room and then stand sneakily outside the doorway, he will actually reach over and review the chapter I am looking at. I try not to pressure him into it since he doesn't much care for reading, but I am really happy when he takes the initiative.

4 Keep a Secret

During my first pregnancy, we told EVERYONE. We were so excited. This time, we haven't told many people yet and it kind of creates a little more secretive romance for us when I decline alcohol or take a Dramaine(TM) to control the nausea. Sure, there isn't much appealing about nausea, but when you explain to others that you just must be experiencing a little motion sickness, you can share a little smile. How do YOU get your significant other involved?

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