Men Don't like Waiting Too Long to Have Sex ...


George Weinberg, author of Why Men Won’t Commit: Getting What You Both Want Without Playing Games, studies male behavior in romantic relationships. While he can’t explain all male behavior, he does expose several sex secrets that may help you understand and get even closer to your guy.

Men don’t like waiting too long to have sex with a new partner. Unlike some dating experts and your mother, Weinberg believes that women should never hold out to have sex simply because of the social **rules **of dating.

Weinberg claims your man will be more likely to commit if there is a sexual component to the relationship, and it is important for him to know that you find him sexually desirable.

“A man goes through a lifetime hoping to find a woman who can’t keep her hands off him,” says Weinberg.

This is one of those topics that always confused me. Everyone always says to wait, wait, wait! That the women who do ‘put out’ are the women that don’t get taken home to mother.

Seems to me the whole “should I, shouldn’t I have sex” topic is the same double edged sword it has always been.

What are your thoughts?

Should she? Shouldn’t she? When should she?

Is there a secret among men that says she should and when?

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