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Be on the 'Verge' of Orgasm with the Slightest Touch ...

By Mabelle

How would you like to be on the verge of orgasm with the 'Slightest Touch'? No, I'm not referring to the literal touching which goes on when you're doing the deed.

The Slightest Touch is the name of a device which can supposedly trigger an orgasm without touching a woman's most sensitive area. So how the heck does it work?

First, you'll drink an electrolyte sports drink 20 minutes before using the slightest touch. Then, you need to apply a couple of white electrode pads inside your ankles. When you turn the switch on, guess what will happen? You'll get turned on! (Pun intended!)

So basically, the Slightest Touch will not give you an orgasm. Instead, it'll almost put -you there - which is saying something for a device which isn't shaped like the average penis.

One of word of caution, though: the product is not recommended for women who are taking anti-depressants, those who are pregnant and those who have heart problems.

I wonder what my significant other will think when I check out the Slightest Touch? I guess he'll be happy that the device will share half of the work that he has to do, lol.

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