10 Tips for Being a Better Lover ...

Tips for being a better lover! Are you serious? Yes girl! Sure the sex was spicy in the beginning, but over time, the sexy clothes are hidden in the sock drawer. As for that massage oil, it is sitting somewhere next to the athlete’s foot powder gathering dust. Don't you think it's time to rewind? Time to get into your sexy lingerie and dust off that massage oil (or buy a new one)? Here are my top ten tips for being a better lover...

10. Make Dates

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Photo Credit: Ronaldo F Cabuhat

Sure, you may not be in the dating stage anymore, in fact, you are well past the dating stage, but who said you cannot go out on romantic dates? Go out somewhere nice to eat. Perhaps have a dinner and a movie. Perhaps an amusement park date. A Broadway play? My point is have a little fun in your marriage.

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