10 Ways to Put Some Fun Back into Your Relationship ...


10 Ways to Put Some Fun Back into Your Relationship ...
10 Ways to Put Some Fun Back into Your Relationship ...

Is your relationship feeling a little stagnant? It’s easy to let your job, your social life and your family get in the way, and if your life has been a little hectic recently, it’s more than understandable if you’ve been missing some of the spark that you used to have. Injecting fun doesn’t have to be time consuming, though, my top ten tips don’t take much time at all...

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Leave Him a Note

Leave Him a Note Photo Credit: Norfolk Belle

Hide a note for him somewhere he will find it, such as in his lunchbox or wallet. Keep it simple, yet sexy. Something personal to you would be perfect, or something like “Meet me in the shower after work” would work too. Then, keep the promise! He’ll be gagging to get home to you, and you could even text him further instructions...it takes seconds, but is so effective!


Spend $5

Spend $5 Photo Credit: TonyJX88

Go to a shopping mall or supermarket, and take two $5 notes. Then, give each other ten minutes and $5 to get the best, most creative gift. Make it a routine! You’ll have to get more inventive and creative as you go along, and you’ll have fun while spoiling each other. It’s fantastic!


Enlist His Help

Enlist His Help Photo Credit: itiskai

Get him to help you with your beauty routine...having a relaxing massage after your shower as he helps you to moisturize will give you time together and physical contact, as well as making sure you are well moisturized including in hard-to-reach places, which will keep you looking great too. The best way to spend time ever?!


Shower Together

Shower Together Photo Credit: Mr Din

Save water and time by showering together...don’t immediately jump into the sexy bit, though! Wash each other’s hair, and help each other to soap up. It’s a great bonding exercise, and will make an everyday activity that much more exciting! Plus, you’ll get fantastic hair, and a lower water bill.


Stop Arguing

Stop Arguing Photo Credit: Creativa

Life is too short for arguing, and even the silliest argument can make your stress levels soar. Think about the things that never fail to cause an argument, and solve them with rock, paper, scissors instead. While it won’t work for big arguments, little ones will be solved much faster...its harsh, but fair!


Dress Each Other

Dress Each Other Photo Credit: Cuba Gallery - https://www.cubagallery.co.nz

So you might know what he can’t resist you in and his favourite designer, but go one better and pick each others entire outfits. This is surprisingly fun, and very revealing. Just make sure you both dress appropriately if you are going out...


Cook for Him

Cook for Him Photo Credit: Kevin Logan Photography

Whatever he likes, cook it for him next time you are free. From making his favourite meal to giving him fresh, homemade bread in his lunchbox or a home baked treat, you’ll remind him of all the great homely-type things, and keep him well fed. Easy!


Leave Him a Post-It

Leave Him a Post-It Photo Credit: office_supplies_lover

Scribble him a romantic or sexy message on a post it note, and leave it on the fridge for him. He can write you a cute reply! It’s a great way to keep in contact when you are separate, and they make very cute memories and props for when you are feeling emotional.


Take up a Hobby

Take up a Hobby Photo Credit: boopsie.daisy

Do something together. If you have the time, go for dancing lessons, or learn to cook together. If you have slightly less time together, buy two copies of the same book and read it together. You might have to search for one you’ll both enjoy, but reading together and discussing it is good for your relationship and your intellect!


Have a Cook off

Have a Cook off Photo Credit: 1773★

On Sundays (or another day that suits you) challenge each other to make amazing snacks from just the food left over in the house. To make it hard, schedule it for the day before you buy more food, and make sure there is no cheating...hiding the best foods isn’t allowed!

From friendly competitions to cute messages and practical solutions, these tips are really fast and easy to implement but they work too, and you’ll be feeling much more chilled and having fun together before you know it! Have you got a tip for relighting that spark? Please share it with me!

Top Photo Credit: Pipiten

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