5 Relationship Posts on ANTB...


5 Relationship Posts on ANTB...
5 Relationship Posts on ANTB...

This is a short and funny post written for us by Karis. I like a good dose of humor when it comes to relationship posts so this is a fun read. What do you guys think?

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This particular post is helpful if you are thinking of breaking up with your boyfriend. Check it out and tell us if the tips Nuwanda gave will help you in this difficult task.


Let's say you and your boy are away from each other at the moment. How do you keep the flame alive? Here are 3 suggestions that might help with that. Methinks the writer, Rima, is a hopeless romantic.


This post comes from a real and gritty perspective. Some of you might find it offensive but you have to admit that some girls have experienced these relationship trouble signs.


This post is not about your type or what you find sexy in a guy. It's more about dating factors that you should consider non-negotiables. I think it's a must-read for all single ladies.

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