19 Tricks to Be Better in Bed ...


19 Tricks to Be Better in Bed ...
19 Tricks to Be Better in Bed ...

Ever wondered why some people have amazing sex, and other people seem to be stuck with a very mediocre sex life? A recent girly night with my friends resulted in an indepth conversation about how good sex can be, and why it isn’t always that good. I think I’ve found the answer! Read on to discover my top tricks to be better in bed...

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Classic Missionary... with a Difference!

Missionary is still the most popular sex position, but it’s so easy to spice up! Try lying down with your legs spread further apart than usual, which will feel amazing on its own, and bending your knees. Then slide your legs around him, and squeeze your thighs together as he thrusts. You’ll be in heaven, and it’s so easy!


The classic missionary sex position is a great way to enjoy intimacy with your partner. It is the most popular position for a reason - it allows for deep penetration and is comfortable for both partners. However, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut with this position. To spice things up, try lying down with your legs spread further apart than usual and bending your knees. This will provide a different angle of penetration and can be very pleasurable. You can also slide your legs around your partner and squeeze your thighs together as he thrusts. This will provide extra stimulation and can help you reach orgasm faster.

If you want to add a little more excitement to the missionary position, try using a sex toy or incorporating oral sex. A vibrator or dildo can provide additional clitoral stimulation while your partner is thrusting. Oral sex can also be incorporated, either with your partner taking turns or with both of you performing oral at the same time.


Standing... the Update!

This is an unmissable position, but so many of my friends said they hadn’t tried it as they didn’t know what to do. Start by standing face to face, with your back against the wall, and get him to bend his knees to make it easier to enter you. Hold his shoulders to steady yourself and try wrapping your leg round him if your balance is good enough... you’ll drive him crazy!


This position, known as "Standing... the Update!", is a popular choice for many couples in the bedroom. It involves standing face to face with your partner, while your back is against the wall. This position can be made easier by having your partner bend their knees, allowing for easier penetration. For added stability, hold onto your partner's shoulders. If you have good balance, try wrapping your leg around your partner for added intimacy. This position is known to drive men crazy and is a must-try for couples looking to spice things up in the bedroom.

Frequently asked questions

Things like changing the location, introducing a little bit of role-play, or even just switching positions can make a huge difference. Give it a try!

Absolutely! Simple things like making eye contact, holding hands, and expressing how much you care can really increase that intimate bond.

Confidence can be tricky, right? Just remember, your partner is likely just as interested in pleasing you as you are in pleasing them. Focus on having fun and don't stress too much about getting it perfect.

Totally get that! Start small and see how your partner reacts. Communication is key. You might even have fun just talking about it!

It's all about communication. Talk about why you want to try new things and see if there's something they're comfortable experimenting with. It's a team effort!


Seated – New and Improved

Make him sit in a chair, but make sure the chair is sturdy first! Straddle his lap, but instead of letting him do the work, raise your knees and put them against his chest, and rest your feet on the seat. Get him to grip your thighs while you thrust... a few friends hadn’t tried this either, but soon reported back that it's their new favourite position!


This article provides 19 tips and tricks for women to improve their performance in bed. One of the suggestions is to try the "Seated – New and Improved" position, where the woman sits on the man's lap and uses her feet to push against the seat for thrusting. This position allows for deeper penetration and can be more pleasurable for both partners. The article also mentions that many women have tried this position and have reported back that it has become their new favorite. Additionally, it advises ensuring the chair is sturdy before attempting this position. Overall, this article aims to provide practical advice for women to enhance their sexual experiences.


Seated – Part Two

Who hasn’t ever imagined being their boyfriend's hot secretary? This move is perfect for playing out that fantasy! Dress the part then get him to sit on an office chair in front of a desk, and face away from him. Slowly lower yourself onto him, and once you are both comfortable, lean forward and grip the edge of the desk. Wow...!


This move is perfect for spicing things up in the bedroom and fulfilling some of your fantasies. It involves dressing up in a sexy outfit, such as a hot secretary costume, and getting your partner to sit in an office chair in front of a desk. Slowly lower yourself onto him, and once you are both comfortable, lean forward and grip the edge of the desk. This position allows for deep penetration and the added element of role-playing can make it even more exciting. Plus, it's a great way to incorporate some desk play into your love life. Just make sure to have a sturdy desk and chair for this move!


Doggy Style – but Sexier

Standard doggy style is always a favourite with men, but there are ways to make it extra good for you, too. Start in the normal doggy position, and let him enter you as usual. Then lean forward, so your resting on your forearms and your chest is against the bed, almost. Your G spot will get the attention here, so it’ll be just as good for you!


Doggy style is a popular position for men, but it can also be pleasurable for women. To make it even better, try leaning forward and resting on your forearms with your chest against the bed. This will stimulate your G spot and increase pleasure for both partners. Additionally, incorporating a pillow under your hips can help with deeper penetration and hitting the G spot more easily. Communication is also key in this position - don't be afraid to tell your partner what feels good and guide them to the right spots.


Spooning – but 10 Times Better

Ever noticed how romance films and books always claim spooning to be the most romantic position? I’ve never really understood it. Sure, it feels good, but you can’t see him! This twist makes that possible, though. Instead of putting your back to him, lie facing each other, and slide your top leg between his legs. You might need to gently push his bottom to help him thrust, but trust me, it’s worth it!


Girl on Top – Reworked

Start this as normal, with him lying down and you on top. Then start to lean back, with your arms outstretched behind you. Make sure your palms are open, so they can support you. Then push your pelvis towards his groin... not only will this feel amazing for him, it’ll stimulate your G spot, meaning it feels great for you too. He’ll also get an incredible view!


This position is a great way to combine pleasure for both partners. When the woman leans back, her G spot is stimulated, and the man gets an incredible view of the woman. Moreover, the man can easily reach the woman’s breasts and clitoris. This position also allows the man to control the speed and depth of penetration, giving him the opportunity to focus on the woman’s pleasure. Additionally, the woman can change the angle of her body to increase the intensity of the sensation. This position can be both intimate and passionate, and is a great way to spice up any bedroom routine.


Legs in the Air

Let him stand while you rest on your back on the bed. Now put both of your legs straight up in the air, resting them on his chest. It'll give him a great view and feel amazing for the both of you.


This position, known as "Legs in the Air," allows for deeper penetration and increased stimulation for both partners. It also allows for easy access to the clitoris, making it a great option for women who need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. Additionally, this position can help improve blood flow to the pelvic area, leading to stronger and more intense orgasms. It's also a great option for pregnant women, as it takes pressure off the abdomen and can be more comfortable. Experiment with different angles and variations to find what works best for you and your partner.


Use a Pillow

Pillows can be used for more than sleeping. Grab one and place it under your bottom in order to put you on a different angle than you're usually on. It's only a slight change, but the feeling will be massively different.


Pillows can be a useful tool in the bedroom, especially when it comes to enhancing pleasure during sex. By placing a pillow under your bottom, you can change the angle of penetration and create a new sensation for both you and your partner. This simple trick can add variety to your sex life and help you discover new positions that may be more pleasurable. Additionally, pillows can also be used for support and comfort during longer and more intense sexual encounters. So don't underestimate the power of a pillow in the bedroom - it can be a game-changer for your sex life.


In the Shower

You don't have to have sex on a bed when there are so many other fun places to do it. The next time he's washing up, hop in the shower with him for some fun. Just be careful, because things can get a little slippery and you don't want your hot move to end in disaster.


In addition to being a fun and exciting location for sex, shower sex has some added benefits. The warm water can help relax your muscles and increase blood flow, making it easier to reach orgasm. Plus, the steamy environment can add a sensual element to the experience. However, it's important to communicate with your partner and take precautions to avoid slipping or falling. You can also incorporate shower props, such as a shower massager or waterproof toys, for added pleasure. Just make sure to clean them thoroughly before and after use. So next time you're looking to spice things up, consider taking your lovemaking to the shower.


Reverse Cowgirl

Get on top of him, but face backward. You won't get a good view of him, but he'll get a great one of you. He'll love that you're the one taking charge and doing all of the work while he gets to sit back and enjoy the moment.


The Reverse Cowgirl position is a popular choice for women who want to take control in the bedroom. This position allows the woman to be on top and in control, while also giving the man a great view of her body. It's a great way to mix things up and keep the passion alive in a long-term relationship. Plus, it's a great workout for the woman, as she will be doing most of the work. This position also allows for deeper penetration, which can lead to more intense orgasms for both partners. Overall, it's a fun and exciting position to try out in the bedroom.


Standing - Part 2

You don't always have to be face to face for an amazing experience. Place your hands against a wall, bend down a bit, and let him enter you. He'll stand behind you and hold your waist in order to give you a feeling you'll never forget.


This standing position can also be modified by placing your hands on a sturdy piece of furniture, such as a desk or table, instead of a wall. This allows for deeper penetration and a more intense experience. Additionally, the partner standing behind can use their hands to stimulate the clitoris or other erogenous zones, enhancing pleasure for both partners. This position is also great for those with limited mobility or back problems, as it takes pressure off the lower back and allows for more support. Experiment with different angles and variations to find what works best for you and your partner.


Rest on Top

You're having sex with your man, because you want to be as close to him as humanly possible. That's why this sex position is perfect. Have him rest on his back while you rest on top of him. You can't get any closer than that.


This position, also known as the missionary position, is a classic and intimate way to connect with your partner during sex. It allows for deep penetration and the ability to maintain eye contact and physical touch throughout. This position is also great for women who want to be in control and set the pace of the sexual encounter. It can also be a great option for pregnant women or those with back pain, as it puts less pressure on the lower back. Overall, resting on top of your partner can enhance the emotional and physical connection between you and your partner, making for a more satisfying sexual experience.


Swivel Trick

Here's a tip for when you're riding him like a cowgirl. While he's inside of you, gently swivel your hips from side to side. Just don't go too crazy, because you don't want to hurt him.


The swivel trick is a great way to add some variety and pleasure to your cowgirl position. Not only does it give you control over the pace and depth of penetration, but it also allows for different angles and stimulation. This trick works best when you and your partner are in sync and communicating with each other. It's also important to keep in mind that too much swiveling can be uncomfortable for your partner, so make sure to start slow and gradually increase the intensity. This move is all about finding a balance between pleasure and comfort for both partners.



Try doing it on a recliner, so that you experience all new angles. You can position the chair in whatever way you want, so every time will be a new adventure.


A recliner is a great option for trying out new positions and angles in the bedroom. It allows for a comfortable and adjustable surface, making it easier to switch things up and find what works best for you and your partner. Additionally, recliners often have built-in footrests, which can add a whole new level of pleasure and stimulation during intimate moments. They also provide support for your back and neck, reducing strain and allowing for longer and more enjoyable sessions. So next time you're looking to spice things up in the bedroom, consider using a recliner for a new and exciting experience.


Start Slow

When you're on top, you're going to be using up a lot of energy. That's why you need to take it slow at first, instead of moving as quickly as your body will allow. If you want him to go crazy over you, you'll have to save up your energy so you can pleasure him for a long while.


Taking things slow in bed is not only important for your partner's pleasure, but also for your own stamina. According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, men last an average of 5.4 minutes during intercourse, while women last an average of 18.6 minutes. This means that if you want to truly satisfy your partner, you'll need to pace yourself and save up your energy. Additionally, taking things slow can also help build anticipation and increase the intensity of pleasure for both you and your partner. So remember, starting slow is key to being better in bed.


Touch Yourself

When you're in a position like the Cowgirl, you don't have to spend the entire time staring into his eyes. You can touch your own body in order to enhance your own pleasure and put on a show for him. He'll love it.


Touching yourself while in the Cowgirl position not only adds to your own pleasure, but it can also be a major turn on for your partner. By exploring your own body and showing him what feels good for you, you can guide him to the right spots and enhance the overall experience. Plus, it can be a major confidence booster for you to see his reaction to your self-pleasure. Additionally, incorporating toys or props can add a new level of excitement and pleasure for both of you. Experimenting with different touches and techniques can also spice things up and keep the passion alive in the bedroom.


Talk to Him

Men are visual creatures, but that doesn't mean that you should only use your body to make him blush. Say some dirty things in order to make his blood pump. Don't be embarrassed, because he'll love hearing whatever you have to say.


Talking to your partner during sex can greatly enhance the experience for both of you. According to a study published in the Journal of Sex Research, couples who communicate openly during sex report higher levels of sexual satisfaction. This can include dirty talk, compliments, and expressing your desires. Not only does it turn your partner on, but it also helps to build intimacy and connection. Don't be afraid to use your words to express your desires and turn up the heat in the bedroom.


Switch Positions

If you want to be awesome in bed, you shouldn't stick to the same basic moves every single time. You want to switch things up. That doesn't mean you have to try every one of these positions in one night. Just don't be afraid of variety.

My last tip to be better in bed? Choose one of these positions, and completely surprise him bytrying it on him tonight. He will love you being in control, and the new position will blow his mind. Trust me...put any self doubts aside for a while, be confidentand sexy, and you’ll soon start feeling it for real. And have one grateful man! Have you got a tip for spicing up sex? Please share it with me!

This article was written in collaboration with editor Holly Riordan.

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Nice Article, Thanks... hmmm my experience its secret

I always use the trick of blowing hot air on his chest then blowing cool air, his hairs stick up and he gets the message of what we're gonna do tonight. ;)

my experience is secular

I hid my sexy corset, suspender belt and stockings under my usual big pyjamas and wen we went to bed, light out, he intended to go to sleep until I stripped off my pyjamas pretending I was too hot. He then felt the lingerie on me and instantly turned the light bak on........ Let's just say we ddnt sleep that night :)

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