9 Guilty Pleasures to Indulge in ...


There are some things that you just wouldn’t want to admit to doing, but when in the privacy of your home … boy do you indulge. Such things are known as guilty pleasures, because you’d hate anyone to find out that you like them. But we all have our secrets …

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Listening to Unfashionable Music

Listening to Unfashionable Music Photo Credit: pinkbelt

‘Ah … the guilty pleasure that is Supertramp’ ran one comment on Youtube. Quite. I love Supertramp! Though there aren't many people I'd admit it to … ahem, can I edit this post?


Watching Trashy TV

Jeremy Kyle (for the Brits) and Jerry Springer (in the US). What’s wrong with kicking back and watching some totally undemanding, non-intellectual TV once in a while? I’m all for education, but I don’t want to be preached at all the time. Sometimes I want to relax and watch something fun.


Reading a Celebrity Magazine

Reading a Celebrity Magazine Photo Credit: helgasms!

I would never, ever buy one. But I love the chance to flick through a celebrity magazine. Never would I be desperate enough to read 'Hello' though – even a practitioner of guilty pleasures must have some standards …



Chocolate Photo Credit: roboppy

Now I consider this a dietary essential, but there are people who, for some strange reason, feel guilty about eating it. So I'm including it for their benefit, although I think it’s better to just relax and enjoy …


Skiving off Work

This is one guilty pleasure that shouldn't be abused. Use in extreme moderation, and make sure that you can't be caught. If you've called your boss and explained that you can't come in because you've got a contagious ailment or your granny passed away, you're going to look a little bit mendacious if said boss then spots you on live TV, in the stadium, watching a game, in the company of both grannies …


Eating Rubbishy Food

Eating Rubbishy Food Photo Credit: Tattooed JJ

Yes yes, we all know about balanced food groups and eating our five a day. Sometimes, though, you just can't be bothered to cook. Or maybe you just fancy eating pizza with your feet up in front of the TV. So go ahead and eat that junk food. I won’t tell on you.


Trashy Movies

Oh, the joy of a bad horror movie! I love films where you can comment all the way through because you know exactly what’s going to happen. That’s the fun of it – seeing how they observe all the conventions. I like a serious film too, but sometimes I just want to be entertained by something that wasn’t good enough to bother a cinema screen.


Chicklit or Romance Novels

Chicklit or Romance Novels Photo Credit: jtaveira

So the romance novels will never win any literary prizes. What’s wrong with reading something daft and formulaic? To balance the guilt, simply borrow from the library (in disguise).


Laughing at Other People

Perhaps the guiltiest of all pleasures, we’re just not supposed to do it. But who can honestly say they haven’t made a catty comment about another woman, laughed at the misfortunes of celebrities they dislike, or generally been rather politically incorrect?

So which guilty pleasures will you confess to? I’m sure there are many more than those on this short list …

Top Photo Credit: Gabriela Camerotti

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Thank God there are still some people who are in my team. Riajem I should be imprisoned for all those specially chocolate, trashy movies and laughing at others.

oh romance novels!! i confess that after a stressful exams week, my best treat is to pick a chick-lit, highly sugared, sci-fi, romance novel. is my top guilty pleasure. though i would never ever admit it. specially in front of my boyfriend and my parents

Hahahah @ Laughing at other people. We're not saints and I don't see why we should pretend to be!

is it bad that i do all this stuff, all the time? lol

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