9 Cool Things to do during the Holidays ...


9 Cool Things to do during the Holidays ...
9 Cool Things to do during the Holidays ...

Spending the holidays in peace is what it is all about. There are many things you can do during the holidays and I am going to tell you 9 cool things to do during the holidays. Are you ready?

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Go on Vacation

Go on Vacation Photo Credit: Laura Mary

Yes, this is definitely a cool thing to do during the holidays and it is something that many families do. If you are able to afford it, then you should look into your next holiday. Perhaps you would like to go to Florida for the holidays?


Spreading the Cheer

Spreading the Cheer Photo Credit: JunkByJo

Yes, spreading the cheer during the holidays is a great activity. How are you going to do this? You can join in with a group of people and go around town sounding Christmas carols. If you have a love for spreading holiday cheer, then this is a great way to do so.


Visit the Nursing Home

Sure, you may not have any relatives or friends in the nursing home, but there are elderly people in there that do not have any family and friends visiting them. By going to the nursing home during the holidays, you will be making a lot of people happy. You might even make some friends and want to continue returning.


Volunteer at the Homeless Shelter

Volunteer at the Homeless Shelter Photo Credit: Rock River Red Cross

To me, this is cool. Volunteering at the homeless shelter and serving food to the homeless is definitely something cool to do during the holidays.



Redecorate Photo Credit: kathy photo

Personally, I believe this is a good idea. Redecorating is always fun in my books. Do you want to repaint the wall? Would you like to redecorate the children’s room? Whatever it is, you will find redecorating a fun thing to do during the holidays.


Go to the Spa

Going to the spa is going to take your stress away. This is something that you deserve for the holidays. It will have you prepared for what you have to do when those holidays are over.


Go to the Beach

Go to the Beach Photo Credit: PattiSullivan

If you are like me and you live in Florida, you can easily go to the beach. Going to the beach during the holidays will be a lot of fun. Also, you will notice that it is not as crowded as it is during the summer months. It will be even more peaceful.


Cook and Bake Yummy Stuff

Cook and Bake Yummy Stuff Photo Credit: Cuteness

If you’re like me and you enjoy cooking, then you are going to enjoy the holidays. The holidays are filled with a lot of yummy things. This is the time where you see sweet potato casserole and green beans on the table. Oh and don’t forget about all those pies!


Adopt a Pet

Only do this if you know you are ready for a pet, but I believe this is one of the best things you could possibly do. If you have children, then you could make the pet an early Christmas present for them.

I can think of more than 9 cool things to do during the holidays. What about you?

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I get as much rest that I can, I eat as much good food there is and of course donate to charities and shop for Christmas gifts

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