5 Cool Things to Check out ...

By Meream

5 Cool Things to Check out ...

How to Be Likable

If you are wondering how you can have more friends, this is the post for you. Danni is on a roll here. Number 9 is EXTREMELY important.

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After the link, you will meet five awesome comic book creatures. I am not a big comic book reader so this post was fun for me.


I am salivating just looking at that picture! I leave you here for a bit while I see if I have baby carrots in my kitchen.


How do you do that? By planting flowers that attract butterflies, of course! Here are five to get you started.


Here are pretty ceramics to add to your collection. How fabulous are these patterns? The illuminators are just gorgeous!

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Top Photo Credit: Mr. Theklan

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good info on how to be likable...

Thanks for the shout-out! Glad you liked the post! - Dani