Top 7 Tall Buildings ...


Top 7 Tall Buildings ...
Top 7 Tall Buildings ...

There are some really tall buildings out there and I would like to point some of them out to you right now. Note: Number one always seems to amaze me and I think it will amaze you as well. Let me show you the top 7 tall buildings on my list …

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Taipei 101

Taipei 101 Image source:

This building is standing at 1,671 feet and has a total of one hundred and one floors. The cost for construction was 1.76 billion dollars and the project was completed during the year 2004. During typhoons and earthquakes, it has a 882 tn ball shaped damper, which counteracts swaying motions. There are also five floors underground.


Petronas Twin Towers

Petronas Twin Towers definitely deserves a spot on my list of tall buildings as it is standing at a total of 1,483 feet. This building, which is in Malaysia was constructed during the year 1998. The first Petronas tower is the third tallest building in the world and the second Petronas tower is the fourth tallest building in the world.


Jin Mao Tower

Image source:

This tower is definitely a huge skyscraper. Jin Mao means “Golden Prosperity Building” and that is exactly what it is. Currently, it ranks in as the sixth tallest building to be found in the world. Construction was completed during the year 1999. It is located in the Pudong district of Shanghai.


Empire State Building

Empire State Building Photo Credit: orangeblob

For this “tall buildings” blog, I definitely cannot forget about the Empire State Building. This building is standing at 1,250 feet in New York and it was built during the year 1931. It is one of the oldest and most famous buildings to be found in the world. In fact, there are not many people out there that have never heard of it.


The Bank of China

The Bank of China is located in Hong Kong and it is one of the most recognisable skyscrapers there. It stands 1,184.1 ft into the air and was the tallest building in Hong Kong as well as Asia from the year 1989 to 1992.


Chrysler Building in New York

Chrysler Building in New York Image source:

The Chrysler Building in New York stands at a height of 1,047 feet high and is a total of seventy seven stories. This building was completed during the year 1930 and was the tallest structure in the world during this time. It was one of the first buildings that was made of stainless steel over a big exposed surface. There are some neat ornamental details on the building, like hubcaps and hood ornaments.


Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa Photo Credit: Prakash Muniandy

The Burj Khalifa always amazes me as it is standing at a total of 2,717 feet in the air. It is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Currently, it is the tallest man-made structure around. The construction started during September of 2004 and ended during October of 2009.

The top 7 tall buildings always amaze me. Of course, there are tons of other buildings, some are taller than what I have on my list, but I do not think any of them are taller than number 1. What is your favourite?

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