8 Tips for Sexually Active Teenage Girls ...


8 Tips for Sexually Active Teenage Girls ...
8 Tips for Sexually Active Teenage Girls ...

Sex is a good thing. It is something two people do in order to express their love for each other. Whether that love is real or not is something you will see as time goes on. However, it sure does feel like love, doesn’t it? That is what matters. Right? As long as you have thought everything through and have determined you are ready, then that is what counts. Just don’t let guys take advantage of you. Below, I am going to give you 8 tips for teenage girls that are having sex …

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Use Protection

When you are having sex, you need to use protection. They make condoms for guys, but there are also condoms for females. Don’t forget protection!


Protection comes in many forms, not just condoms. It's vital to understand the importance of birth control options such as the pill, IUDs, and implants, which can help prevent unexpected pregnancies. However, it's just as crucial to protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). While condoms significantly reduce the risk, regular STI screenings and open communication with your partner are also key measures. Remember, it's about your health and well-being, so don't hesitate to ask questions and seek advice from a trusted healthcare provider. You have the right to take control of your sexual health.


Get on Birth Control

Are you having sex? Do you use condoms? Well, it would be double protection if you got on birth control as well. I heard that birth control can actually help your skin – depending on the brand.


Many people think of birth control merely as a way to prevent pregnancy, but there's more to it than meets the eye. Certain birth control pills can regulate hormones and potentially clear up acne-prone skin. It's like getting a two-for-one deal that benefits your health and confidence. However, it's crucial to chat with a healthcare provider about the options because everyone's body reacts differently. They can help you find a method that aligns with your needs, whether it's the pill, an IUD, or something else. Always prioritize safety and your well-being first!


Be Ready to Take Care of a Child

When you are having sex, you should know there are consequences to face. You should be ready to take care of a child – because even condoms don't offer 100% protection.


Understanding the gravity of potential parenthood is crucial. Birth control methods can fail, and if they do, you may find yourself facing a life-changing responsibility. Raising a child requires emotional maturity, financial stability, and a significant time commitment. Before engaging in sexual activity, honestly assess whether you're prepared for such an outcome. If not, it could be a sign to reconsider your readiness for sex or to explore more reliable contraceptive options with a healthcare professional. Remember, it’s always okay to wait until you feel fully equipped for all possible consequences.


Who Should Bring the Condom?

Okay girls, guys tend to be forgetful (sorry guys) and it is your body. To lower the risk of having sex without a condom, you should bring your own. You know, just in case he forgets his. When things are getting hot and you find that he does not have a condom, you can just break out with yours.


This isn't just about being prepared, it's about taking charge of your sexual health. Protecting yourself should be a top priority, and that means being ready for any situation. Keep in mind, consent is key in every step you take; having a condom doesn't mean you're obliged to do anything you're not comfortable with. Embrace your sexuality, but always stay safe and don't rely on someone else when it comes to protection. Plus, it sends a strong message to your partner that you are responsible and take your health seriously, which is incredibly empowering.


What Does an Orgasm Feel like?

When one reaches an orgasm, sexual tension builds and then it is released. You have a combination of mental and physical stimulation that is like nothing else. You will have an increase in heart rate. Basically, when you have an orgasm, you will know it.


Orgasm is a powerful experience that can be both physically and emotionally satisfying. It is an intense peak of pleasure that can last anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. During orgasm, the body releases endorphins, which are hormones that make us feel relaxed and happy. Teenage girls should take time to explore their own body and understand what feels good to them. They can experiment with different types of stimulation and find out what works best for them. It is important to communicate with their partner about what feels good and to practice safe sex. With knowledge and practice, teenage girls can learn to have fulfilling and enjoyable sexual experiences.


When You Talk to Your Mom

When you talk to your mom about sex and tell her you’re having sex, you need to think from her point of view. You need to really listen to her and hear what bothers her the most about it. Let her know that you have already thought everything through and you have thought about the consequences.


It's important to approach the conversation with openness and maturity. Assure her that you're being safe and responsible. Discuss the precautions you're taking, like contraception and regular health check-ups. Let her know that you value her guidance and wisdom, and you're not just rejecting her concerns, but integrating her advice into your decisions. Above all, show her respect and understanding, keeping in mind that this can be a challenging topic for any parent to discuss with their child.


Don’t Move Too Quick

When you have sex with a guy, it should be because you are in love with him and have feelings for him. If the relationship with the guy you lost your virginity to does not work out, then you are eventually going to get another boyfriend. Don’t jump into the bed with him on the first date, just because you can. I know you’ll be feeling hurt if your relationship comes to an end, but take things easy, okay? I don’t want you getting hurt.


Establishing a strong emotional connection is crucial before taking intimate steps with someone new. Remember, physical intimacy should be a reflection of a deeper bond, not a band-aid for emotional hurt. Allow yourself the time to really know and trust someone. This isn’t about playing hard to get; it’s about ensuring your own emotional safety and wellbeing. Listen to your heart, but also take heed of your intuition. If something feels rushed, it probably is. Take a step back and consider if this is truly what you want, and not just a reaction to past experiences.


Don’t Have Sex with an Older Man

We have laws. If anyone above 18 has sex with someone under 18, then that equals trouble. If you care about the guy, then don’t have sex with him until you’re 18. Now, if you’re 14 and a 26-year old wants to have sex with you, because they love you – this isn’t possible. You’re still a little girl, he’s a grown man, even if you've had intercourse before. If he loves you, he’ll wait for you to grow up.

There you have 8 tips to teenage girls that are having sex. Many of you may already know this stuff, but I know there are some girls out there that just need all of the advice they can get. Is there anything else you need to know?

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Great post Mel.....Think before you act.This is the right advice for anyone. Personally I am also not a supporter of having sex before marriage and abortion--never. How can you kill if you cant give life?

Alright, Melanie, I've just about enough from you. From everything you have just written you sound rather dimwitted. And just because you married the first guy you ever had sex with does not mean you should go around spouting your hick points of view. And, as for abortion, it is a fetus NOT an infant. You are quite possibly the WORST POSTER EVER. You make is physically ill.

I never want children ever. Ever. I wouldn't be able to mentally handle pregnancy,. I have nightmares about it all the time. If I were to get pregnant I would have an abortion, because it's more of a curse than a blessing to me. Does that mean I should stay celibate for the rest of my life? I don't think so.

Not having sex is the best defense. If you do get pregnant and do not feel like you are ready to be a mom, don't abort the baby. It is a gift from heaven and if you do not want the gift, then give the gift to someone who would appreciates the priceless gift. The baby did not ask to be conceived.

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