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8 Mistakes Women Make when Having Sex ...

By Melanie

I have decided that it’s time to give 8 mistakes women make while having sex. Now, I’m not pointing any fingers at any particular person (how could I?), so this blog should not offend you. Nor am I saying all women do this. Just continue reading below and see if you’re guilty of any of these (you don’t have to tell).

Table of contents:

  1. worrying that we look fat
  2. we worry about how we move
  3. assuming he can get a hard on instantly
  4. expect him to always lay on the romance
  5. being selfish in bed
  6. not moving at all
  7. allowing down under to look like a jungle
  8. faking orgasm

8 Worrying That We Look Fat

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Some women constantly worry that they look fat, even during sex. Trust me, during this time, if your thighs are jiggling, your may won’t notice and if he does, he might think it’s sexy.

7 We Worry about How We Move

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Women worry about how they are moving during sex. They worry about if they are pleasing their guy or not. If you are having a great time and you allow yourself to get wrapped up in what is going on, then I am sure he will enjoy every bit of it.

6 Assuming He Can Get a Hard on Instantly

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Sometimes, women worry if the guy does not get a hard on instantly. Men do not have some secret switch to that thing and just because it doesn’t get hard instantly does not mean it is your fault. Sometimes, things just take time.

5 Expect Him to Always Lay on the Romance

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Sure, it would be nice if he always made the first move with that charm and romance, however, this is not always going to happen and it would be a mistake to think otherwise. If you are in the mood, then lay the romance and charm on him.

4 Being Selfish in Bed
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I’m sorry if this offends everyone and I’m sorry if you have been told otherwise by some magazine, but with sex, it is not all about us. It is a big mistake to think it is all about us. So, don’t be selfish in bed.

3 Not Moving at All

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Yeah, this would be a big mistake. Sure, you may like missionary, but really, this is not an excuse to just lay there and act like a doll. Even in the missionary position, there are some movements you can make.

2 Allowing down under to Look like a Jungle

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I know, some people don’t want to go bare, which I have yet to figure out why they don’t like it. I know, waxing hurts. Sure, you may have sensitive skin and I feel for you. If you like the bushes, then great. BUT whatever you do, at least trim it up a bit if you want him to spend any time down there. Don’t keep it looking like a jungle.

1 Faking Orgasm

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Oh yes, this is a big mistake that women can make in bed. Faking an orgasm is not allowed! Why would you want to? If you do this, he may think he is doing something real good and continue to do it each time, simply because it’s getting you. So, remember, never fake an orgasm.

Those are 8 mistakes women make when having sex. Can you think of any other mistakes?

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