8 Sexy Spa Secrets ...


8 Sexy Spa Secrets ...
8 Sexy Spa Secrets ...

The following 8 sexy spa secrets have been collected from spas across the US. These are used in some of the top spas in the country, so I’m sure they all produce excellent results. Take a look at them and see if you might have some secret spa techniques to add at the end of the list. I wish I had time to try all these out in the same day!

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Deep Condition Tired, Dry Hair

Mash up half of an avocado, a quarter cup of coconut milk, and 2 teaspoons of coconut oil. Wet your hair first and then apply this avocado/coconut mixture to your hair. Let it set for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse well. Avocadoes have a lot of oil in them, so they make a great moisturizer. The coconut oil and milk will add a tropical smell to the conditioning mixture. Talk about soft hair!


Smooth Callused Feet

Soaking tired, dry feet in warm water will soften the soles and enable you to remove calluses much easier. Use a pumice stone or callus file for smoothing heels and other rough areas on your soles. A monthly treat for feet is made by combining 2 cups of each of the following: hot milk, mashed pineapple, and mashed papaya. It’s best if each of the fruits used are fresh, as opposed to the canned variety. Apply this mix to feet and let set for 20 minutes before rinsing. Be sure to use a heavy moisturizing cream for feet after rinsing.


Giving Your Eyes a Boost

No one feels sexy with a set of puffy eyes. Cucumbers are commonly used to reduce puffiness, but red grapes work well too. Make sure the grapes are chilled, not frozen, and cut them in half. Apply the grape halves to puffy areas of the eyes after you’ve taken a warm shower. The warmth will open up the pores and allow the antioxidants from the grape halves to soak into the skin better.


Use Salt for a More Radiant Look

Either Epsom salts or Dead Sea salts can be used for what is known as ‘salt therapy’. Fill a large bowl with a half cup of the salt of your choice and then add hot water. Make sure to add enough water for the salt to dissolve in. Breathing in the vapors of this salt solution is supposed to help skin look radiant, as well as supply the body with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Place a towel over the top of your head and lean close to the bowl as the towel is held out to the sides a bit. You want to try and direct the vapors towards your face as you breathe easily over the bowl. Do this for around 10 minutes.


Skin-smoothing Body Treatments Can Be Fun

Use your normal body wash for this treatment and in the following ingredients: a scoop of new coffee grounds, a dab of olive oil, a teaspoon of honey, 2 tablespoons of powdered milk, a few drops of lavender oil, and a handful of uncooked rolled oats. This mixture can be rubbed on your skin, allowed to set for a few minutes and then rinsed off. I love making up concoctions in the comfort of my own home that smell delicious and help my skin at the same time.


Lessen Cellulite

No one is thrilled about the presence of cellulite and we all have at least a little bit. Reducing the appearance of cellulite is actually very easy. Take a handful of coffee grounds that have already been used to brew coffee and mix them with either a face mask formula or body cream designed for firming the skin. Make a past and rub it on the area with cellulite. Make circular motions and wrap the area in plastic wrap for a little bit of extra tightening. While this may not sound like a sexy spa secret, the outcome is very sexy indeed!


Getting Soft Skin

Try the following concoction for exfoliating skin to create a sumptuous glow on your entire body: Combine a quarter cup of raw sugar, 2 teaspoons of coconut milk, a few drops of your favorite oil, and the body wash you normally use. The raw sugar will exfoliate your skin without drying it out the way sea salt can. After you exfoliate and rinse, be sure to apply body cream to lock in moisture.


Involve Your Man

Who says you can’t have a partner included in your spa routine? Any of the spa treatments mentioned previously can be carried out with a partner as well. Sometimes the sex appeal of a treatment isn’t always the final outcome. Making your own treatments can be entertaining too!

Try out some of these 8 sexy spa secrets in the comfort of your own home and see what you think. Who knows, you just might save a lot of dough on a nearby spa session and have fun playing spa at home. Do you have any spa secrets you’d like to share? What is one of the main reasons you schedule a spa visit?

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Thank you for the wonderful spa secrets. I use olive oil mixed with sugar as a scrub for my face, lips and sometimes my body, it softens the skin and its a great scrub at the same time! It is also used before shaving to reduce the hair growing amount and to help bring out the little hair that grows under the skin (that's not seen).

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