7 Sexy Texts to Send Your Partner ...

Texting is pretty much everywhere. Everyone does it, in part because it's an easy way to communicate. It's also a great way to be sexy with your partner. Now, I'm talking about long term partners here. Flirty text are great for the guy or girl you're just starting to go out with, but when you're really serious with someone, you can get a little more risque – for instance, you can try one of these 7 sexy texts to send your partner.

1. To-do List

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β€œI have one more thing for you to put on today's to-do list: me.” Ah, a pun, an invitation, and a flirt! You see, you don't have to get all kinds of X-rated to be sexy, you can be subtle, too. Well, all right, maybe that's not exactly subtle – but your lover will definitely think it's sexy!

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