7 Things That Are Sexy Right Now ...


7 Things That Are Sexy Right Now ...
7 Things That Are Sexy Right Now ...

I can think of 7 things that are sexy right now. Of course, like always, we’re two different people, so you may disagree with me on some of these things. However, it does not hurt to read and see what I think is sexy right now …

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Lady Gaga

The Univeristy of South Carolina and the University of Virginia are currently offering classes on Lady Gaga. So yes, I am definitely going to include Lady Gaga on my list of “things” that are sexy right now.


Scented Lipstick

Research has showed that guys go crazy over scented lipstick. So, be sure to grab some scented lipstick the next time you go out!


High Shine Pink

Take a look at Anne Hathaway and Mandy Moore – they make high shine pink pretty darn sexy. They have both recently worn shiny pink dresses that look great. Some people, I understand would not be caught dead in pink . I used to be the same exact way, as all I liked wearing was black. However, now, I find myself wearing high shine pink and think it looks great!


Kissing Love Letters

I really do not think this one has ever gone out of style. To this day, kissing love letters is in style. You should try putting scented lipstick on, kissing a piece of paper and writing a cute little message on it and leave it somewhere he will find it. Kissing love letters is something that I have been doing for so long and I am sure you have heard of this before.


Men Making Breakfast

Yes, today, the tables have turned and you will find men making breakfast. Sometimes, the man will get up, prepare some pancakes or whatever else for breakfast and greet his lady with breakfast in bed. I honestly believe this is sexy and have read forums where many men are starting to do this.


Steamy Sci-Fi Movies

Oh yes, we cannot leave out those steamy sci-fi movies. They are definitely something that is sexy. There are many steamy sci-fi movies out there. Mind you, I like the ones that have a good plot.


Reading This Blog

Hey, I’m not trying to suck up or anything, I’m just giving you my opinion of what is sexy today. On here, you are going to find a lot of advice on love, dating, cooking, how to dress to look sexy and so much more. By reading this blog, you can learn stuff from people just like yourself. So yes, this is definitely something sexy today.

Just as it did not hurt to read my 7 things that are sexy right now, it would not hurt if you were to take a couple of minutes to leave a comment for me. I know that you have other things on your mind that you think are even sexier. So, what are some things that you think are sexy right now?

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I believe you mean "7 things that ARE sexy"


I don't understand what is the importance of being anal about spelling and grammar. What about content? I'm not trying to be rude but I liked the article a lot. ://

Who checks the spelling on this website?

@3 "...greet his lady..." instead of "...great his lady...." @2...in the 1st line you missed "y" in steamy. I dont like steamy sci-fi movies.

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