7 Things He's Thinking during Sex ...


7 Things He's Thinking during Sex ...
7 Things He's Thinking during Sex ...

Have you ever stopped and wondered what the guy thinks during sex? I have. Some of the things that go through their minds are out of this world and a woman would never wonder why they are thinking what they are thinking. Of course, guys from the same way about us women, they always wonder what women are thinking and why they're thinking what they are thinking. Between the two, we may never be able to understand each other. However, I bet I have 7 things he's thinking during sex.

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Man, I’m Sweating

Wow, it's really hot in here. Sweat is pouring off of my face. It's also on my back and some other places that I am not going to mention. Oh well, I hope she doesn't mind. At least, it doesn't seem like she minds too much right now.


What's That on the Wall

Okay, this may sound bit strange, but I'm sure at one point in time sometime during his life, he, if you're laying there staring straight wouldn't you notice something you have never noticed before on the wall?


I Hope She Doesn’t Think She is Spending the Night

Okay, after this one, I have plans! I really hope she does not think she's going to stay the night. I mean, I'm not a mean type of guy but I don't know there is just something about having a woman stayed the night.


I've got an early start tomorrow, and I really need my beauty sleep. Plus, honestly, there's nothing like waking up in your own bed, stretching out with all the freedom of space. And let's not forget about the quick exit strategy if things get awkward in the morning light. It's not that I'm against cuddling and a bit of pillow talk, but breakfast and shared toothbrush sessions? I think that might be a little too cozy for comfort this early on. No offense to her; she's amazing, but the post-coital sleepover? Maybe that's a step too many right now.


I Hope I’m Doing a Good Job

Oh, the main question – I hope I'm doing a good job. I mean, doesn't every guy hope they are doing a good job? Isn't this something that goes through their mind a lot?


I Wonder if I’m the Only One

Sometimes, dependent upon the guy, they will wait until that exact moment to wonder if they're the only one. Of course, if you are not a teenager, then surely, you have already lost your virginity. However, the guy may wonder if you had been with someone else the night before. Now, if this is your husband, then it's not common for him to think this during the act.



Many guys, during sex, decide to fantasize about things that they are not able to do. For example, some guys choose to fantasize about anal sex with their wife, even though she will not do it. Well, during this time, it’s the thought that counts.


Aww, She’s Faking It, How Cute

Oh, come on, admit it – girls tend to fake and sometimes, guys can tell when a girl is faking or not – many of them have their ways. Don’t worry, some guys do not get turned off about it – instead, they think “aww, she’s faking it, how cute.”

Those are 7 things he’s thinking during sex – these thoughts will all depend on the guy himself. So, are there any guys reading this post right now? Tell me, what do you think during sex? Girls – what do you think your guys thinks of during sex?

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What body Nice tits. I hope she going to suck my cock, she love it dirty bitch. That's is why I married you and still married you. I love you. What a bodies you got nice tits

Woah Kalvin, at least your enjoying it :P

I always think the same thing, every time, for 22 years. "Wow, I can't believe I'm having sex with this girl. Cool." And then I blow my load. Happens every time. K.

Most guys aren't thinking I hope she leaves. I don't know why women say stuff like that. Maybe if its going badly or if he has another woman on his way. But lets face it most guys aren't like that. I love to sleep next to cuddle next to a warm naked woman, why the hell wouldn't I,its something I looked forward to doing as a teenager almost as much as sex. And I love waking up with her and making coffee and maybe breakfast. And maybe doing it again(If you want a guy to fall in love with you wake him up with a blowjob). Men are actually horniest in the morning. I think this is probably a big reason why people get married, not sleeping alone

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