8 Fun Facts about Sex ...


8 Fun Facts about Sex ...
8 Fun Facts about Sex ...

I think that it is about time I write a blog on sex! Instead of writing a blog telling you how to improve your sex life, I think it is time to give you 8 fun facts about sex! We know how it’s done, but do we know the facts I am about to tell you? Let’s see!

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Semen Has WHAT?

Semen Has WHAT? Photo Credit: gusset

Do you know what semen has in it? It contains calcium and zinc. Wow, isn’t that a shocker? I already knew it, but when I first found out, it was a shocker. Both of these have been proven to prevent tooth decay. Wow…


Did You Say You Hate Going to the Gym?

Did You Say You Hate Going to the Gym? If you hate going to the gym so much, then I have a new alternative for you! During thirty minutes of sex, you burn upto 200 calories! Wow, 200 calories? That sure does beat going to the gym.


The Recession Has Had an Effect on Sex Life?

The Recession Has Had an Effect on Sex Life? Photo Credit: Tomitheos

A survey has shown that 32% of men have admitted that they have started to masturbate ever since the recession has started. Could this be linked to not going out as much as they used to? That’s a pretty tough fact there.

*8 Things About Sex You Probably Do Not Know …


Burlesque Costumes

Burlesque Costumes Photo Credit: cryptdang

According to the Museum of Sex, did you know what the bottom part of the burlesque costumeswere originally created for? They were pubic wigs during the 15th century for prostitutes. Ew, right? Yeah, the designs helped to disguise the symptoms of syphilis as well as hide pubic lice.


Sex for the Health!

Sex for the Health! Photo Credit: Scandblue

If you have sex at least one time a week, this can lower the risk of a man having a stroke by fifty percent, heart disease by thirty percent and diabetes by forty percent. Also, men that have a good, active sex life are more likely to live past the age of eighty.


When Were Condoms First Used?

When Were Condoms First Used? Photo Credit: Paul Keller

Records show that condoms date back to the 1500s. Originally, the device was made out of linen. Historians have actually stated that Casanova, who is a legendary lover, used condoms of linen. Who would have ever thought?


What about the STDs Today?

What about the STDs Today? In America, almost sixty five million individuals are living with an STDthat cannot be cured. These facts are harsh, which is why it is important that you wear condoms and watch who you have sex with.


What about Kissing?

What about Kissing? Photo Credit: V a n e s a

Oh yeah! Do you love to kiss? Then you probably have good teeth! I heard that the extra saliva that is being exchanged between each other helps to reduce the decay of teeth as it keeps the mouth clean. Wow, now that really is a fun fact.

There you have 8 fun facts about sex. Isn’t it awesome how sex actuallyburns calories? It’s also great how there are so many other health advantages to it! So, do you have an fun facts you would like to share with me? Don’t be embarrassed!

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