7 Facts on STDs ...

These days, it’s not abnormal to learn that someone has an STD. In fact, even celebrities have STDs! I recently posted a blog on celebrities and STDs. Most of them had herpes and one of them had Hepatitis. Sure, some of you may know these 7 facts on STDs, but there are others, younger people, that are just starting out and may be in need of some facts, so this is more for them…

7. Limit the Number of Sexual Partners

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Sure, this may sound like common sense, but again, the younger generation probably needs to be told this. Having sexual contact with only one individual is going to limit your chances of getting an STD. Be clear about the expectations of the relationship and make sure they are not sleeping with others. If it is an open relationship, then your chances of getting an STD will increase, even if you were not the one to have sex with the person who was infected (your partner did).

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