8 Facts about President Obama ...


8 Facts about President Obama ...
8 Facts about President Obama ...

Oh yeah, you have to love the president, right? I know, but I’m not here to bring him down – instead, I’m here to give you 8 facts about President Obama. Are you ready to learn more about the President of the United States of America? Of course you are!

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He Won a Grammy in 2006

He Won a Grammy in 2006 Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk

What was the Grammy for? It was for the audio version of his memoir titled “Dreams from My Father.” Do any of you remember when he won this Grammy? Did you think he would go on to be president of the United States?


He’s a Harry Potter Fan

He’s a Harry Potter Fan Photo Credit: TheLean

Harry Potter fans are everywhere and you know this is true when the president of the United States of America has read every Harry Potter book out there. Isn’t that cool?


WHAT Did He Eat?

While living in Indonesia, he ate dog meat, roasted grasshopper and snake meat. I could see eating snake meat, which I have never done before and do not intend on it, but dog meat is way out of the question for me.


What Pet Did He Have in Indonesia?

What Pet Did He Have in Indonesia? Photo Credit: doug88888

While he was in Indonesia, he had a pet ape. Do you know what the ape’s name was? He called the ape Tata – that’s cute. Could you see the president having an ape?


He Has Good Taste in Music

He Has Good Taste in Music Photo Credit: California Institute of the Arts

Some will argue with this one, while others insist that the president has good taste in music. His favorite includes The Fugees, Bob Dylan, Bach and Miles Davis.


The Bad Road for Him

When he was a teenager, he took drugs including cocaine and marijuana. This isn’t put here to criticize him, but to say “wow, look what he overcame.” He obviously doesn’t do this anymore.


Let’s Talk about Religion

Let’s Talk about Religion Photo Credit: boiworx

Religion isn’t a big thing to me – but I’m sure some of you wonder about the president and his religion. I repeat, he is NOT Islamic, but if he were, would it even matter at all? What would the big deal be? He is Christian. However, his father was an atheist and his mother was agnostic. Again, you shouldn’t judge someone by their religion. If they go and say they're Christians, to the people in America, that seems to be fine. However, if they say they’re anything else other than this, why is it that people get in an uproar?


A Lawyer

A Lawyer Photo Credit: epicharmus

President Obama is the 27th lawyer to be elected president. He certainly did not get where he is today by sitting on the couch doing nothing.

There you have 8 facts about President Obama. Now, do you think you know your president even more? Perhaps there are other interesting things about him. Feel free to leave your comments on here, but don’t make this a place to be negative about our president. He’s our president whether we like it or not.

Top Photo Credit: DJ XAVIOR

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Why wouldnt she be here writing this blog?? And every world changing event doesnt have to do with religion I dont think. Look at hurricane Katrina that had NOTHING to do with religion. Religion is only a huge deal because people feel the need to concern themselves in others peoples business. If everyone just butted out then it wouldnt be a big deal. But There is always that group of people that need to tell you your wrong and your faith is wrong because they have nothing better to do than to judge other peopls beliefs. Im not hating on you or anything and I dont mean to offend you at all. That is just how I feel and you are intitled to your opinion.

Religion is a huge deal. If it wasn't for religion, Christianity in particular, you wouldn't be here writing this blog. The United States as we know it would not exist. Every world changing event has something to do with religion. And I personally don't believe that President Obama is a Christian. Why did he cancel the National Day of Prayer? And why is okay with a mosque is New York? If he would be straight up with people, it really wouldn't be a big deal, but there's something off with him. He says what he has to do get by.

He grew up in Menteng area in Indonesia, had a happy childhood with his Indonesian fellas. FYI, actually dog meat isn't common in some regions in Indonesia, but for one of the ethnics (batak etnhnic-whisch is my ethnic too), they love dog meat as much porky.. But me myself, I don't eat it..

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