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7 Facts on Huskies ...

By Aprille

With the many breeds of dogs available today, it’s no wonder it’s hard to decide which type of dog to get. I personally like the independent nature of huskies, so I think this breed is perfect for me. This might not be the best breed for someone who prefers dogs that desire to follow their owner around constantly. If you are thinking about getting a husky, then here are 7 facts on huskies you should know.

7 Tend to Be More Talkative than Other Breeds

Tend to Be More Talkative than Other BreedsPhoto Credit: Marcy Mendelson

I like that huskies aren’t excessive barkers. My dog talks to me in the morning while she’s waiting for me to get her a scoop of dog food. She’s very verbal and I swear she’s speaking actual words sometimes. For people who aren’t familiar with this form of dog speak, it can be a bit scary. Sometimes the talking is deep and sounds more like an angry growl.

6 Very Active Dogs

Very Active DogsPhoto Credit: Across the Divide

Huskies love to run, which is why they make excellent walking and jogging partners. As long as the weather isn’t too hot and humid, they can tag along for quite some time. People who live in areas where dogs have to be tied up might not want to have a husky for a pet, unless they are able to take him for a walk every day. These active dogs have been known to get loose from their restraints and take off without a pause. Many owners lose their huskies this way. So, if you do have to tie your dog outside, be sure it is husky-proof!

5 Need to Be Brushed Regularly

Need to Be Brushed RegularlyPhoto Credit: kamihacker

This not only reduces shedding, but also keeps huskies cooler during the warmer months. My dog seems to shed all year long. She has huge chunks that hang off her back end, so I use a metal brush that is especially made for removing large amounts of fur. One side of the brush has large teeth to get out the big clumps of fur, while the other side has smaller teeth on it for light brushing.

4 Enjoy Socializing

Enjoy SocializingPhoto Credit: WendieAnn1064

Dogs are pack animals and huskies are very fond of hanging out in groups. If they don’t have other huskies to be with, then they tend to bond with the people who raise them. My dog follows me through the woods and all over our property. She doesn’t seem to do much roaming on her own, but she’s all for taking a stroll with the rest of the ‘pack’!

3 Gentle with Children

Gentle with ChildrenPhoto Credit: MK Design

My son was raised with huskies, so I got to see first-hand how gentle this breed of dog is. I used to run dog teams in the north and had 35 howling huskies to feed twice a day. They were so sweet when my son would bring them food and they all allowed him to pet them as they ate their meal. I’m sure it helped that these dogs were mauled by children from the time they were born.

2 Have a Strong Desire to Chase Prey

Have a Strong Desire to Chase PreyPhoto Credit: nonanet

Owning chickens, rabbits, ducks, and other small farm animals can be difficult with this breed of dog around. My current husky runs laps around the chicken and rabbit pen as I feed the animals each day. She basically drools at the sight of any small barnyard animal. Even though she is a very obedient dog, I don’t think there’d be any way for me to call her off if she took off after a chicken that had gotten out of the pen.

1 Blue Eyed Huskies Can Have Eye Problems

Blue Eyed Huskies Can Have Eye ProblemsPhoto Credit: DiGigrafo

This is more common among blue-eyed huskies that live in snowy areas. The reflection off of the snow is usually what causes this to occur. Other eye issues include cataracts, retinal atrophy, and corneal dystrophy. Just because eye problems are common with blue-eyed huskies, this doesn’t mean that your dog is going to be blind in a few years. I had a blue-eyed husky that became blind after six years of pulling sleds, while my other Siberian never had any eye problems at all.

I think it’s fun to learn new facts about dogs, even if it isn’t for a breed I currently have or have had as a pet. I hope you found these 7 facts on huskies to be interesting. Whatever type of dog you are interested in be sure to read up a bit on the breed of dog you’re thinking of getting for you or your family. Have you ever been around or owned a husky in the past? What do you like best about this breed of dog?

Top Photo Credit: kmog

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