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7 Must Know Facts about the White House ...

By Melanie

I like reading facts on everything. I like to share the facts with my fellow readers. Recently, I have been reading up on the White House and found some pretty amazing facts on it that you may not know. Below, I am going to give you 7 must know facts about the White House …

7 Slaves Helped Build the White House

Slaves Helped Build the White HousePhoto Credit: HarshLight

The land that is now known as Washington, DC was received from Maryland and Virginia. Those are 2 states where slavery was practiced. There have been reports that many of the workers that were hired were African Americans – some were free, but some were slaves.

6 The British Torched the White House

The British Torched the White HousePhoto Credit: **Lili**

In 1814, the British Army used setting the White House on fire as a way to retaliate. During the War of 1812, the USA burned Parliament Buildings in Ontario. The inside of the White House was destroyed from the fire. After the fire, James Madison, who was president at the time moved to the Octagon House.

5 President Truman Saved the White House from Collapsing

President Truman Saved the White House from CollapsingPhoto Credit: CATeyes

It’s so old that it is going to give out some day, right? Well, after one hundred and fifty years of standing, the support beams along with the outside load bearing walls became weak. They were told that the building was not safe and if it did not get fixed that it would collapse. President Truman had the rooms gutted so that they could put new steel support beams up. The Trumans lived at Blair House during the reconstruction.

4 The White House Wasn't Always White

The White House Wasn't Always WhitePhoto Credit: CritterQueen

The White House at one point in time was actually a gray color. The walls were not painted white until it was reconstructed after the fire caused by the British army. In order to paint the White House, it takes 570 gallons of paint.

3 White House Had Different Names

White House Had Different NamesPhoto Credit: carlos_seo

The White House has been called many things throughout the history of time. It has been referred to as the President’s House, Executive Mansion and President’s Palace. During the year 1901, Theodore Roosevelt gave the White House its current name.

2 That is a Lot of Rooms

That is a Lot of RoomsPhoto Credit: LuisSantanaPhoto

The White House has one hundred and thirty two rooms. It has six floors. This is for people who work in it, reside in it and visit it. The floors cover around 55,000 square feet.

1 Stoves

StovesPhoto Credit: Joalhi "Around the World"

During the 1850’s, a stove was put in the White House. Before this, the food was cooked in a fireplace. The first telephone to be put in the house was done during the term of Rutherford B Hayes, which was 1877 to 1881. During the Benjamin Harrison Administration 1889to 1893, electricity was added to the house.

Those are 7 must know facts about the White House. Personally, I find this big old house in Washington pretty interesting. What about you?

Top Photo Credit: ~MVI~ (off to Tianjin, China)

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