7 Things You Didn't Know about Coffee ...


7 Things You Didn't Know about Coffee ...
7 Things You Didn't Know about Coffee ...

Necessity. Vice. Lifesaver. Addicting. Magic Juice. These are things that most of us know about coffee from experience. That, and the preference we have for drinking it (I’m a black-and-strong brew kind of gal).

The following are seven things you likely didn’t know about your favorite morning brew:

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Black coffee has ZERO calories, so drink up (so long as you follow the 3-4 cups per day guideline). I bet all you diet revelers are basking in the glory of your hot cup right now, but sadly, most of you rely on the sugary, foamy concoctions courtesy of your local barista – which can oftentimes contain more calories than your lunch. Read on…



Despite the lack of calories in an untouched brew, 30% of coffee drinkers (in the United States) add sweeteners (pssst… you’re ruining it!). But if you HAVE to use sugar, use a REAL packet or spoonful of granules – artificial sweeteners alter the taste of coffee. And if that’s your purpose, WHY ARE YOU DRINKING COFFEE?



Dark roast has LESS caffeine than light roast. That said, espresso has 1/3 the amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. My question? Why doesn’t it feel like that? I am bugging out of my mind after drinking an Americano. Alas, it’s true (it’s a Jedi coffee mind trick). Two pots tomorrow, then. But dark roasted blends are also more dehydrating. *sigh* OK… two more bottles of water too.



Culturally speaking, not all of us around the world drink coffee the same way. While the U.S. is a cream-and-sugar average kind of place, people from different locations add unique ingredients to their daily drink: Middle Easterners use cardamom to spice up their brew; Ethiopians pinch in some salt; Moroccans add peppercorns and Mexicans add cinnamon – both to the grounds and once it’s brewed. And those Austrians? WHIPPED CREAM. Yes, please.



There is a perk (pun intended) to this vice in moderation. Regardless if you drink regular or decaf, both have the powerful benefits that can prevent premature aging, heart disease and certain cancers. Those rich antioxidants found naturally in coffee protect your cells and your body.


With… Papers?

It was required BY LAW that a husband make coffee for his wife daily or she had just cause for separation. At least, in the ancient Arab times. Huh. I think some of us will be printing this trivia out and hanging it on the fridge for “someone” to see.


Berry Good

Coffee isn’t really a bean – it’s a berry. That fruit is cultivated and handpicked from a tree throughout various tropical locations around the world – mostly South of the Equator – and that berry contains (usually) two beans. These “green beans” are dried and then roasted in varying styles to make the brown coffee bean that you are accustomed to seeing and purchasing. And making into a cup of amazing coffee, of course.

I write this as I most definitely could use another cup or twelve to get me through the day. I am most definitely non-functional until I am halfway through my pot. So, how do you take your coffee?

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Are you sure that black coffee is zero calorie? I think it is low calorie but...zero....i doubt.

OH! I didn't know that spice thingy. I think I would not enjoy that.

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