10 Things You Never Knew about Orgasms ...


10 Things You Never Knew about Orgasms ...
10 Things You Never Knew about Orgasms ...

How much do you know about your orgasms? I was surprised by my lack of knowledge... I mean, do you know how many calories one burns, or why they are good for men? I’ve been doing some research, and here are my top ten facts you never knew about orgasms... You’ll be shocked!

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His and Hers

His and Hers Photo Credit: Xander Shaw

Researchers have discovered that his orgasm feels much the same as yours! There are some differences, due to the location of the G spots and the time difference, but the main moment of bliss is very similar!


Researchers have also found that emotional responses to orgasms can vary greatly between individuals, but both men and women report feelings of intense pleasure, release, and sometimes a deep connection with their partner. Despite the physiological differences, such as the ability for some women to experience multiple orgasms or the refractory period experienced by men, the subjective experience of an orgasm's intensity and satisfaction doesn't adhere strictly to gender lines. It's clear that while the paths to climax might differ, the destinations are delightfully similar.



Time Photo Credit: waynemah

The average man takes between one and ten minutes to reach an orgasm, but women can take up to twenty minutes. Male orgasms only last for around four seconds, though, whereas a woman's can last up to fifteen! Yaay! :D



Pain Photo Credit: Lump Of Hesitation

Orgasms and pain are processed by the same part of the brain, which is why some people look like they are in pain when they orgasm! It also means you can’t feel pain as much while you are orgasming!


Sleep Sex?

Sleep Sex? Photo Credit: hsmithphotography

It is completely possible to orgasm in your sleep, but not due to physical stimulation. Night pleasure is usually caused by mental stimulation, which is why you don’t wake up! I bet you can't wait to get a good night's sleepnow ;)



Calories Photo Credit: michele cat

An orgasm burns only three calories, but you’ll burn around 50 calories in the run up, which makes sex agood exercise as well as fun! What other excuse do you need?


Health Benefits

Health Benefits Photo Credit: challiyan

Orgasms have been medically proven to boost yourimmune system, and they cut your chances of heart disease and cancer. I am hardly surprised.



Problems... Photo Credit: Amarand Agasi

One in three men suffer from premature ejaculation, which makes for a lot of frustrated couples. If your man has the same problem, encourage him to see a doctor, or practise ways of making him feel relaxed. Stress will only worsen the problem!


His Health...

His Health... Photo Credit: lintmachine

Of course sex has some amazing health benefits. The more times a man has an orgasm, the lower his chances are of suffering from prostate cancer. What an amazing reason to double your orgasms huh?!


It's All in the Word

It's All in the Word Photo Credit: Weeping-Willow

The word Orgasm comes from the Greek word Orgasmos, which means "to swell as with moisture, be excited or eager." This is a great fact to know for pub quizzes!


Indeed, the etymology of "orgasm" reveals much about the human condition and our understanding of sexual experiences. This intriguing blend of eagerness and overwhelming sensations is a testament to the complexity of human sexual response. Interestingly, while the original Greek may draw from the imagery of swelling moisture, modern interpretations of the word engage a wide range of emotional and physical resonances. Whether whispered between lovers or discussed in academic discourse, the term encapsulates an intricate mix of biology, psychology, and intimacy. Fun fact to drop in casual conversation, right?


To Die for...

To Die for... Photo Credit: Thierry B

It isn’t actually unusual for men to die during an orgasm! And the current statistics show that it’s much more common if the man ischeating on his partner. Don't worry though, only a few deaths per year will be orgasm induced.

I love these facts! Whether you are using them while conversing with friends, using them to win a quiz or finding excuses toseduce your partner, you can never know too much about orgasms! Have you got an interesting orgasm fact? Please share it with me!

Top Photo Credit: Rimglow

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The pain thing is so true! Even the sounds of pain and pleasure are sort of similar.

haha this was very interesting lol

10% of women have never had an orgasm

orgasm is a wonderful thing in sex life forget about the pain see how much u enjoy the pleasure

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