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8 Tips for Being a Bad Girl in Bed ...

By Kati

Recently, there has been a lot of media coverage of the new 'Bad Girls,' and how they are driving men wild in bed. The real story? These Bad Girls are just like you, and have been driving men wild for years, with no plans to stop now. Men love women who can take control, and let their emotions and sexiness guide them. So if you want to drive him wild, steal these 8 tips for being a bad girl in bed...

1 Be the Boss

Seduce him. Don’t wait for the perfect moment, or for him to make the first move, simply jump on him. It only takes men 30 seconds to get aroused, and this will boost your confidence and make you feel sexy, and have his complete attention! If you are shy, don’t think about it or plan it, and do it randomly when you are close to him. If you’re feeling a bit braver, try getting out the handcuffs...

2 Talk Dirty

Try spicing up your sex life by randomly talking dirty to him. He’ll love the spontaneity and it’s sure to turn him on. Start with some moans and sighs (although you probably shouldn’t have to fake those...) and then add some dirty dialogue... tell him what feels good, and what you’d like him to do next. Once you’ve got started, it’ll come naturally, and he’s sure to love it.

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3 Dress up

If you know his fantasies, this is a great way to involve them in your sex life. Explore some sex shops on online boutiques and find a sexy dress up outfit that you like. Then, take a shower, and spend some time moisturizing and pampering yourself so that you look and feel amazing. If you don’t feel like investing in an outfit, use items you already have, such as one of his shirts tied around the waist and a short skirt with white underwear for a school girl look.

4 Gentle Roughness

Bring out his caveman side by being gently rough with him. Scratch his chest lightly, or gently bite his shoulder... remember that you aren’t meaning to cause pain or discomfort, simply to show him how much you want him, and awaken the primal, caveman part of him. A recent men’s study showed that men wish women would be more physical in bed, even if it hurt them!

5 Keep Your Heels on

Next time you seduce him, keep your heels on. You might need to adjust positions to make sure he doesn’t get hurt, but with that extra height, you’ll have many more available to try anyway, and he’ll be driven mad at the sight of your long legs. It’ll remind him of quick, secret sex, and really turn him on.

6 Let Him Have Control

Instruct your man to take control, and leave the planning to him. If you want some influence, write or buy some short stories about sexy men in control, and women being treated the way you’d love to be. Being dominated is a really popular fantasy, but it tends to vary a lot, so let him know if you’d love to be wined, dined and led to bed, or if whips and chains is more your style, and then leave the planning to him,

7 Watch Yourself

Move a large mirror into your bedroom, close to your bed, and lie on the bed. Check you can see yourself, and then seduce your other half. He won’t notice until you are having sex, and watching it will be like starring in your own secret porn, but without any evidence to destroy. This is a great tip which is often recommended by sex therapists, so give it a try!

8 Strip Tease

Give your man his very own strip tease. Choose a song that you love, and take your clothes off slowly, without exposing yourself too fast, and remember not to let him touch! If you are far too shy for this, consider making it a game, such as playing strip poker. The loser has a sexy challenge, of course...

These tricks are a great way to boost your sex life, and remind your other half how sexy and redblooded you really are, as well as boosting your confidence. Once you start to think like a sex goddess, you’ll start to feel like one too, and soon you’ll be sexy instinctively! Have you got a tip for bad-girl sex? Please let me know!

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