12 Sizzling Foreplay Tips to Try on Your Man Right Now ...


What's with all the attention on women and foreplay anyway? Not that I'm complaining, but c'mon, our menfolk need to be teased and tantalized just as much. Contrary to popular belief, it's not always "Wham, Bam, Thank you Mam" when it comes to your man. So show him that his needs matter and drive him mad with these sizzling foreplay tips...

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Sneak Peek

Why wait till the two of you get to the bedroom? Give him a sneak peek of what's instore for him. For example, If the two of you are at a romantic dinner date, graze his thighs gently and give him the "I want you now" look and then kiss him passionately on the cab ride home. Or if he's at work, send him naughty messages or a risqu

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Gracias por la info .you ΓΊtiles son muy.

WOW! I wish my girlfriend would read your blog, you've got some killer foreplay tips.

the 13th tip is also amaizing.........let your partner know what you want/wish accidentally ;)

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