10 New Things to Try in Bed ...


10 New Things to Try in Bed ...
10 New Things to Try in Bed ...

Who said that a datewas only about a dinner for two, then a quick shag when the night ends? Have some fun with your partner! It is about celebrating your love afterall. Let those hearts and sparks surface over your bed. Are you looking for something new to try in bed? How about these 10 new things?...

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Dinner for Two

Dinner for Two Photo Credit: Ronaldo F Cabuhat

I am not talking about just any dinner for two! I am talking about making yourselves. Nothing sexier than the two of you in your birthday suit, cranking up the stove. I guarantee the stove will not be the only thing getting hot in the kitchen! If you want to take things further, cook up some dessert that can be put on the body. What are you waiting for? Look up a recipe NOW!


Transform your kitchen into a culinary playground by cooking naked with your partner. Feel the thrill of vulnerability and excitement as you explore new recipes together. Make the evening more tantalizing by incorporating aphrodisiac ingredients that could ignite flames beyond the frying pan. Let yourselves get messy, enjoy each other's company, and feed each other bites of the delicious creations. Laughter and closeness are sure to follow, setting the stage for an intimate night. Savor the experience—and perhaps save that dessert for a little later, when you'll appreciate it in more ways than one.


Box of Treats Baby!

Box of Treats Baby! Photo Credit: laurenlemon

This is a great way to get your sexy back. Get a cute box and wrap it up in red paper and then tie it with a ribbon. Place lots of toys that have been wrapped individually. Be inventive and include a long wide piece of satin (for the eyes), a thinner long piece (for the hands). Another thinner, long piece (for the feet). Include a feather with a certain task, such as “tickle me” and some bondage tape with another task. I could go on but you get the point ;) Unwrap them one by one and come up with innovative ways to use them.


I Love You Notes

I Love You Notes Photo Credit: teddyrabbit

Try posting some I love you notes everywhere including your body. This is perfect for guys, because they do not have lingerie. Make a trail of love notes that lead your partner to the bedroom. Stick the final post on you or somwhere close. You can have post it’s such as “slip into this,” “eat this chocolate” or some naughty actions. Let your imagination run wild ;)


Dress to Impress!

Dress to Impress! Photo Credit: ^i^heavensdarkangel2

Girls, it is important that you dress to impress. Even if you do not do it any other day of the year, do it on your datenight! Guys love to see their partner dressed up in lace and satin and other luxurious fabrics. For an added visual pleasure, try wearing some gorgeous shoeswith it.


Leave a Note on Your Bed

Leave a Note on Your Bed Photo Credit: Flawless ™

How about whisking your partner away to a secret location. Leave your partner a note on the bed. The note should point to a specific location and a certain time. Perhaps leave something behind, such as a sexy black thong to make the wait even more suspenseful and full of sexual tension. Make sure you tell him how to dress for the occasion! This works perfectly if you have booked a hotel or have some other romantic date planned.


Turn the Lights on!

Turn the Lights on! Photo Credit: Bob.Fornal

Have you ever had sex with the lights on? Why is it that many have to turn the lights out before they have sex? I like it with the lights on! And it doesn't have to be blaringly bright. Try candles! Tons of them! They're bright enough to be able to see your partner and dim enough to cover areas of your body that you're not comfortable with!


Playing Horsey

Playing Horsey Photo Credit: The Family Dog

Men love it when their girl puts on a sexy costume and pretends to be someone else. My tip for your hot date? Buy a cowgirl outfit and dress up for that special occasion. Perhaps a denim skirt, over the knee boots, stockings and a sexy black bra. Your partner is definitely going to enjoy watching a cowgirl do what she does best! Need I say more?



Seduction Photo Credit: mozzercork

Take the lead. Set up in a comfortable area with candlelight and lots of cushions. Straddle your partner so that the both of you are face to face. Undress your partner slowly while you are kissingand whispering sweet nothings into his ear. Leave the underpants on! This makes things last longer. Blindfold your partner and tie satin ribbons around the hands. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination…


Sex Games

Sex Games Photo Credit: -ilonQua-

Have you taken a look at all of the sex games that are lingering around today? There are many great games. One is called Nookii, which is mischievous, but very very sexy nonetheless. You also have Twister bed covers. Seriously, get in the mood for games and take your pick!


Exploring playful dynamics can heighten intimacy and break the routine. For adventurous spirits, there's "Monogamy", a board game guiding couples through heartfelt and steamy challenges. Or, if you're up for a cheeky gamble, "Sexy Dice" can dictate your next move with a simple roll. These games are more than giggles; they encourage exploration and communication, inviting you to voice your desires. It's the perfect way to sprinkle a bit of zest into your evening and discover what tickles your fancy, together.


Break out with the BOOK

Break out with the BOOK Photo Credit: crafty1tutu (Ann)

You do know what book I am talking about, right? You know, the book that is full of sexual positions that you can try. There are so many out there. Perhaps once you and your partner get into this, you won’t only be trying new positions in your bed!

Those are my 10 new things to try in bed with your partner. Well, some of them may not actually take place in your bed, but trust me, they will end up leading to your bed! What do you do in bed to spice things up? Please, share your tricks!

Top Photo Credit: Paula AnDDrade

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This is all true! The outfits, food, whipped cream, and games!!

I love having a sex with my partner, its quite interesting and excites me everytime we do. :PP wanna try those new positions in bed. haha

Most of this stuff is just a girl thinking she knows what a guy really wants. All this candles and dress up mess is what the girl wants to do. Although, we do like a girl to dress in some super skimpy stuff sometimes, all this cowgirl outfit mess and this sexy look mess we'll just go along with because we don't wanna mess up our chances of gettin sex later. Ladies, all you have to do is throw your inhibitions out the door. That filthy whore you knew back in school or whatever, be worse than her. We encourage the filth!, we love it, we want a girl to basically be a whore in bed. We want you to forget about all that nonsense you think we want to see or society tells you, you should or shouldn't do. Throw that mess out the window and worship your mans **** and ***** today!

I loved reading thiss :) Guess I have some new experiments to try out girls!! :P

me and my bf did it in a different postition the other day, it was so good! also he's selling his car... so we need to 'christen' it. ;)

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