7 Tips on Teen Sex and Why You Should Wait ...


7 Tips on Teen Sex and Why You Should Wait ...
7 Tips on Teen Sex and Why You Should Wait ...

Waiting for the right person to come along always seems like it takes forever, especially when you’re a teen. I’m sure parents will continue to tell their children that they should wait until they are older to have sex and teens will continue to dispute this statement. However, I’ve still come up with 7 tips onteen sex and why you should wait.

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Sex Tends to Make Things More Complicated

Sex Tends to Make Things More Complicated Photo Credit: ~ Martin ~

Have you ever started off as friends and then wondered what happened to the smooth friendship that was in place, once sex was introduced into the relationship? I saw many high school friendships fizzle out this way. I had friends in school that were very close and ended up not liking each other once they started sleeping together. It just tends to make things too awkward for some reason.


There Can Often Be a Lack of Respect

There Can Often Be a Lack of Respect Photo Credit: B.S. Wise

Not all teenagers are able to handle the responsibility that comes withintegrating sex into a relationship. Some do it because everyone else is and this usually ends up with one person not respecting the other. You also should respect yourself enough to not give in to something that will make others happy, when you feel miserable about it. Respect goes both ways, but you need to start off by respecting yourself and caring what happens to you.


Sex Can Lead to Health Issues

Sex Can Lead to Health Issues Photo Credit: Timo 1331

Of course, this includes pregnancy and STDs, which are a parent’s worst nightmare. Parent’s are already worried enough about their children’s health and well-being, without adding the thought of their child contracting an STD or becoming pregnant. There is so much risk as it is with sex, let alone having one of these situations occur during high school.


Relationships Shouldn’t Be Based on Sex

Relationships Shouldn’t Be Based on Sex Photo Credit: mh design

Teens often think that a relationship isn’t truly a relationship if sex isn’t involved. This isn’t true at all. Relationships need to be based more on trust, respect, and effective communication. If you’re focused only on physical fulfillment, then you’ll end up missing out on what areal relationship involves. There’s so much more; enjoying time together, learning more about the other person, and possibly building a future together. A lot of this can go by the wayside once sex overpowers the true meaning of a relationship.


There’s Plenty of Time for Sex Later on

There’s Plenty of Time for Sex Later on Photo Credit: Wolfgang Staudt

Believe it or not, the teenage years really don’t last very long at all. There is going to be plenty of time later on to handle more responsibilities than you would ever dream of. You should focus more on spending time with friends while you are close to them and making memories that can be shared with your children later on. Being a teenager has its ups and downs and adding this new form of physical contact to the equation only complicates things more.


Your Body Might Not Physically Be Ready

Your Body Might Not Physically Be Ready Photo Credit: ~evelet~

People generally keep growing until they are between the ages of 18 and 20 years old. Everyone matures at different rates. This technicality can be seen best in a group of friends. Some boys might have facial hair and others don’t have a sign of any at all. Girls also become more mature at different ages than their friends, which can sometimes lead them to feel insecure about themselves. Feeling awkward and having lowself confidence is hard enough to handle, let alone trying to be involved in a situation that can sometimes prove to be embarrassing or painful.


It’s Hard to Know if You’ve Really Found the Right Person

It’s Hard to Know if You’ve Really Found the Right Person Photo Credit: -Sunny-

The old adage says that love is blind. Figuring sex into this equation sometimes makes this blindness even more pronounced. Teens often mistake sexual contact for love. Not to say that this doesn’t happen to adults at times as well, but most of us have been around long enough to know the difference. I had a friend in high school that was in a relationship with a guy and they truly seemed to be in love with one another. The guy ended up pressuring my friend into having sexand then dumped her for someone else the following week. They had seemed so close and talked about having a future together, and then sex changed everything.

I bet teens will come up with a few reasons to disagree with the above information. I hope there is at least some thought about the 7 tips on teen sex and why you should wait that are mentioned above. Do you think you will agree with my list more when you are older? If anyone thinks of something else that should be mentioned, please feel free to comment and let me know.

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This makes so much sense

i agree 1000% with this post omg like i wish people out there would be more patient & wait for the right time & right person to have sex with. Like i am waiting til i am married to have sex, because i want my first time to be special with someone i love with all my heart. i think, imo, the world might be a better place if we didn't have this kinda problem where..we just give in & throw away our virginity around so lightly. Great post. -thumbs up- :]

I agree with this post a lot more than some of the other ones on the same topic. But I must admit that the last one is a great reason... It's also a bad one. I wouldn't really want to marry someone who had only one sexual partner (Myself), where would be the variety? Other than that, I respect this post. Good job. :D

Very nice info. I agree with everything you said, especially the last point. Guys can be such d-bags, and you honestly will not know if he's for real until you tell him you don't want to have sex and if he stays with you, then he's a keeper, if he breaks up with you, then good riddance.

My boyfriend wants to have sex, but I told him that I want too wait till we could be married and he respects that 100% and I'm glad I have him I wish I could some how send this to show him the exact reasons too wait

I really liked this article. I remember, as a teenager, all my friends ever talked about was sex! Because of this it sort of made it sound exciting and basically that you weren't really 'grown up' until you'd done the deed with a guy. I'm 21 years old and lost my virginity just 6 months ago with an amazing guy who I am proud to call my boyfriend. So, unlike some of my other friends who first had sex much much younger than me (some as young as 14), I decided to wait until I genuinely felt that I had found the right man. All I can say is I am SO glad that I did. I know this isn't the opinion of everybody but I certainly feel that sex is better with somebody you love :) Teenage years can be so difficult and confusing, surely throwing sex into the mix could possibly make things even more so.

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