7 Ways to Tell You Are Ready to Lose Your Virginity ...


7 Ways to Tell You Are Ready to Lose Your Virginity ...
7 Ways to Tell You Are Ready to Lose Your Virginity ...

From time to time, I do some posts on sex. Some of you have a hissy with me and go way against what I say, but that is perfectly fine. I was a teenager once before too, but I never chose to give it up to anyone, except for my husband and I will tell you that I was not married when I lost my virginity to him, so I don’t really believe that it’s an absolute must to be married before you lose your virginity. However, I do believe that you should make sure you are ready and do not rush into things, because this is one thing that cannot be undone. Below, I am going to give you 7 ways to tell you are ready to lose your virginity…

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What about the Finances?

What about the Finances? Photo Credit: johnr71

Is he or she financially secure and can pay rent on housing? Guys, would you be able to support her if you had to? Can you keep the relationship during the quest to become financially secure? Now, i’m not saying that you can only sleep with someone that is rich, but if push comes to shove and something happens, then the two of you should have finances to take care of it. I know many of you are going to complain about this, but it is fine. It’s a cold world out there and money does not grow on trees. You’d be very immature to sleep with someone when you don’t even have money to support yourself.


Could You See Yourself Spending a Future with This Person?

Could You See Yourself Spending a Future with This Person? Photo Credit: doug88888

If you cannot see yourself spending a future with this person, then obviously, you are not ready to give yourself to them and that is just your hormones speaking. When you are ready, you will see that person in your future. I’m not saying that they will actually be in your future or you have to make plans to get married, but obviously, you shouldn’t sleep with someone that you plan on breaking up with.


When You do Not Feel Pressured to do It

When You do Not Feel Pressured to do It Photo Credit: Velvet G

When you do not feel pressured to do it just because everyone else is doing it – that’s a sign. When you no longer base your opinions on something because it is everyone else’s opinion. It’s your own ballgame out there. Now that you’re thinking for yourself and not feeling pressured and have decided that you want to lose your virginity, then that’s a sign.


Do You Want to Wake up at Odd Hours of the Night?

Do You Want to Wake up at Odd Hours of the Night? Photo Credit: DHDesign

I know, when there is sex, there is consequences. I’m not saying to remain a virgin forever, but do not have sex until you are ready to wake up at odd hours of the night to take care of a baby. Even with protection, you will face these consequences. Gripe at me all you want, but it’s the truth.


You Are in a Loving Relationship

You Are in a Loving Relationship Photo Credit: arny johanns

Are you in a loving relationship with someone that you feel really close with? Do you feel that you can take on anything ahead of you? Then you are ready.


Plan It!

Plan It! Photo Credit: Very Ape Art

No, I’m not saying plan to do it on Saturday at noon. I mean to get everything ready – the contraceptives, lubricants and all of that. Think about the type of music you want to listen to during it. After you go through all of this, if you get all excited, then you’re ready! If you feel scared, then you’re not ready.


You Just Feel It

You Just Feel It Photo Credit: xdesx

With me, things just happened. I didn’t plan on it, I didn’t read blogs on if I was ready – it just happened. Do I regret it? Nope, I don’t regret it. You can never be sure that you are 100 percent ready to lose your virginity until you are in the situation. If you get yourself in the situation and you feel you are not ready, then don’t be afraid to speak up and stop.

Those are 7 ways to tell you are ready to lose your virginity. It is such a complicated thing when you’re looking for signs, but they’re there. If you feel scared about sex, then you’re not ready. Sex is a very powerful thing and it’s very natural. So, what do you think?

Top Photo Credit: ToniVC

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My boyfriend and I have been together for awhile. We're 4 years apart but we don't care. Lately we've wanted to go farther but I'm a little nervous. We love each other but we are both under 18. Should we wait?

I'm a 16 year old girl, and I have had the same best friend since I was in 5th grade,but the weird thing about it is that my best friend is a guy. We have told each other Everything for as long as I can remember. But the problem is that I have liked him for the past year and a half but I couldn't get the nerve up to tell him until just recently whe he asked me who I thought he should go out with. That was when out of nowhere I said well how about me? He said no and then asked about one of my other friends. We have not talked since then and The thing that I am afraid of is that this will ruin our friendship. Is there any way that I can get him back as a friend??? Plz help I'm not only looseing the guy that I like but I'm also looseing my best friend of 5 years..

Hi! I have this casual relationship thing going on with a guy who's much older to me and waay more experienced (I'm a virgin). We've fooled around twice but haven't had sex yet. I don't know whether he wants to or not, coz he's very cryptic and prefers using innuendo rather than being direct. Also, he's not much into texting or calling, it's like a booty call thing. If he wants to, should I go ahead and do it with him? I don't know if I want to. The idea appeals to me, but it would be a big step, right?

Hi, I am 20 and I played a game called RuneScape and I met this guy who is one year younger then me and I have known him since I was 13 or 14. We dated and I got to meet him in feb then he came over here in April. We live a few hours apart and we stopped dating because I assumed he was cheating on me instead of asking him. I have had nothing but heartbreak from the guys I have dated I have real bad trust issues..and him and I started talking again a few months ago. I fell in love with this guy and he's always on my mind. I am seeing him again in a few days...he wants me to lose my virginity and I told him I want to wait until next fall I don't feel like i'm ready to do it yet and he kept telling me I need facts not just a reason so we are not talking until I have a good excuse to say no. Every time I talked about an excuse to not do it he gives me all the truths on how we have known each other for 5 years and so on. I am in complete shock right now because this is the guy I see myself spending the rest of my life with..but he is pressuring me into losing it with. I won't be on birth control until next fall and I will also be out of college then. I can't get him out of my life I tried that before it didn't work. I was waiting until marriage but for him I am waiting until next fall. He just don't want to wait that long. Can anyone help me please, what should I do? I'm not on birth control and he told me his condoms he have are the expensive kind "$30" and they are completely 100% safe if that is what i'm worried about.

Thank you so much denise (:

I have a problem. I have know this guy for four or five months and we are totaly into eachother. He told me he liked me a couple weeks ago. I have liked him sence i met him which is the same with him. I tried asking him out but he dont answer he just tells me "i'll tell you tomarrow. Plus he always wants to "sext" me and asks if i would do other things with him and i dont know if im ready? So could someone help me with both my problem. I would be so greatly appreciated, thank you

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