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Minnie Mouse Costume and Other Sexy Halloween Ideas for Women ...

By Sheila

I love Halloween! It's the perfect day to wear the sexiest, silliest costumes and totally get away with it! With four days left, I really hope you've picked out your outfit for this year. But if you haven't, fret not because I found some rather fun, sexy halloween costumes for women that are bound to make you stand out (in a good way of course!)....

1 Burlesque Babe Costume

Burlesque Babe CostumePrice: $99.99 at
If you are a fan of all that is burlesque (just like me!), you will love this sassy little outfit!

2 Indian Maiden Costume

Indian Maiden CostumePrice: $112.99 at
Ethnic and mysterious, this adorable outfit is sure to bring out the Pocahontas in you!

3 Snow White Costume

Snow White CostumePrice: $65.49 at
How cute is this Snow White costume?! Sure to knock off any man's socks (dwarf or not) ;)

4 True Blue Fairy (light-up) Costume

True Blue Fairy (light-up) CostumePrice: $46.99 at
I love fairies that can be cute and sexy at the same time. If I had the perfect body I wouldn't think twice before buying this costume. The best part? It lights up!!!

5 Storybook Goldilocks Costume

Storybook Goldilocks CostumePrice: $56.99 at
We've all loved the story of Golidilocks. Here's your chance to live it :)

6 Cleopatra Costume

Cleopatra CostumePrice: $59.99 at
If you are in the mood to act like ancient Egyptian royalty, this gorgeous Cleopatra costume is perfect for you!

7 Lady Bug Costume

Lady Bug CostumePrice: $36.99 at
If you'd rather do cute than risque, I'd totally recommend this darling little outfit. As we all know, polka dots will never go out of style :)

8 Roman Empress Costume

Roman Empress CostumePrice: $39.99 at
Here's your chance to be elegant yet incredibly sexy. I can't imagine not feeling like an empress wearing this.

9 Soldier Girl Costume

Soldier Girl CostumePrice: $49.99 at
Military never goes out of style and this is an adorable way to pay homage to this trend. I must have that jacket and that hat!

10 Fetching Fraulein Costume

Fetching Fraulein CostumePrice: $42.99 at
And fetching is what you'd look for sure wearing this delectable costume!

11 Angel of Darkness Costume

Angel of Darkness CostumePrice: $49.99 at
Why play nice when you can be naughty and look like that?!

12 Bullfighter Costume

Bullfighter CostumePrice: $59.99 at
Unleash the matador inside you with this super sexy costume!

13 Classic Miss Muffet Costume

Classic Miss Muffet CostumePrice: $54.99 at
I know more than a spider or two that would be attracted to that costume ;)

14 Watchmen Silk Spectre Costume

Watchmen Silk Spectre CostumePrice: $49.99 at
I love Silk Spectre's superhero costume. It's sexy and fun and anyone would look totally badass wearing that!

15 Betty's Full Service Costume

Betty's Full Service CostumePrice: $49.99 at
Naughty yet cute, this costume is bound to make a few heads turn!

16 Deluxe Enchanting Queen of Hearts Costume

Deluxe Enchanting Queen of Hearts CostumePrice: $149.99 at
I can see you breaking more than a few hearts in this provocative outfit.

17 Sexy Miss Mouse Costume

Sexy Miss Mouse CostumePrice: $46.99 at
I'm not a fan of Minnie Mouse or Mickey Mouse or any other umm... mice but I'm a sucker for fake mouse ears! I really am...

18 Magazine Cover Bikini Girl Costume

Magazine Cover Bikini Girl CostumePrice: $26.99 at
This one just looks like so much fun that I had to put it on the list!

19 Navy Angel Costume

Navy Angel CostumePrice: $49.99 at
It's a fact. Girls love sailor boys and boys love sailor girls! And why wouldn't they when you're wearing an outfit like that?

20 Lil' Miss Red Costume

Lil' Miss Red CostumePrice: $54.99 at
How can any wolf keep his hands off you when you look delicious like that ;)

Now weren't those some fun, sexy costumes?! My favorites are the Navy Angel, the Roman Empress the Burlesque Babe and the Ladybug costumes. I'd buy those in a heartbeat! Which ones would you wear?!

Happy Halloween all of you lovely ladies! Remember to go crazy with your costumes! Like I said, it's the only day you'll get away with it ;)

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