Minnie Mouse Costume and Other Sexy Halloween Ideas for Women ...


Minnie Mouse Costume and Other Sexy Halloween Ideas for Women ...
Minnie Mouse Costume and Other Sexy Halloween Ideas for Women ...

I love Halloween! It's the perfect day to wear the sexiest, silliest costumes and totally get away with it! With four days left, I really hope you've picked out your outfit for this year. But if you haven't, fret not because I found some rather fun, sexy halloween costumes for women that are bound to make you stand out (in a good way of course!)....

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Burlesque Babe Costume

Burlesque Babe Costume Price: $99.99 at buycostumes.com
If you are a fan of all that is burlesque (just like me!), you will love this sassy little outfit!


Indian Maiden Costume

Indian Maiden Costume Price: $112.99 at buycostumes.com
Ethnic and mysterious, this adorable outfit is sure to bring out the Pocahontas in you!


Snow White Costume

Snow White Costume Price: $65.49 at buycostumes.com
How cute is this Snow White costume?! Sure to knock off any man's socks (dwarf or not) ;)


True Blue Fairy (light-up) Costume

True Blue Fairy (light-up) Costume Price: $46.99 at buycostumes.com
I love fairies that can be cute and sexy at the same time. If I had the perfect body I wouldn't think twice before buying this costume. The best part? It lights up!!!


Storybook Goldilocks Costume

Storybook Goldilocks Costume Price: $56.99 at buycostumes.com
We've all loved the story of Golidilocks. Here's your chance to live it :)


Cleopatra Costume

Cleopatra Costume Price: $59.99 at buycostumes.com
If you are in the mood to act like ancient Egyptian royalty, this gorgeous Cleopatra costume is perfect for you!


Lady Bug Costume

Lady Bug Costume Price: $36.99 at buycostumes.com
If you'd rather do cute than risque, I'd totally recommend this darling little outfit. As we all know, polka dots will never go out of style :)


Roman Empress Costume

Roman Empress Costume Price: $39.99 at buycostumes.com
Here's your chance to be elegant yet incredibly sexy. I can't imagine not feeling like an empress wearing this.


Soldier Girl Costume

Soldier Girl Costume Price: $49.99 at buycostumes.com
Military never goes out of style and this is an adorable way to pay homage to this trend. I must have that jacket and that hat!


Fetching Fraulein Costume

Fetching Fraulein Costume Price: $42.99 at buycostumes.com
And fetching is what you'd look for sure wearing this delectable costume!


Angel of Darkness Costume

Angel of Darkness Costume Price: $49.99 at buycostumes.com
Why play nice when you can be naughty and look like that?!


Bullfighter Costume

Bullfighter Costume Price: $59.99 at buycostumes.com
Unleash the matador inside you with this super sexy costume!


Classic Miss Muffet Costume

Classic Miss Muffet Costume Price: $54.99 at buycostumes.com
I know more than a spider or two that would be attracted to that costume ;)


Watchmen Silk Spectre Costume

Watchmen Silk Spectre Costume Price: $49.99 at buycostumes.com
I love Silk Spectre's superhero costume. It's sexy and fun and anyone would look totally badass wearing that!


Betty's Full Service Costume

Betty's Full Service Costume Price: $49.99 at buycostumes.com
Naughty yet cute, this costume is bound to make a few heads turn!


Deluxe Enchanting Queen of Hearts Costume

Deluxe Enchanting Queen of Hearts Costume Price: $149.99 at buycostumes.com
I can see you breaking more than a few hearts in this provocative outfit.


Sexy Miss Mouse Costume

Sexy Miss Mouse Costume Price: $46.99 at buycostumes.com
I'm not a fan of Minnie Mouse or Mickey Mouse or any other umm... mice but I'm a sucker for fake mouse ears! I really am...


Magazine Cover Bikini Girl Costume

Magazine Cover Bikini Girl Costume Price: $26.99 at buycostumes.com
This one just looks like so much fun that I had to put it on the list!


Navy Angel Costume

Navy Angel Costume Price: $49.99 at buycostumes.com
It's a fact. Girls love sailor boys and boys love sailor girls! And why wouldn't they when you're wearing an outfit like that?


Lil' Miss Red Costume

Lil' Miss Red Costume Price: $54.99 at buycostumes.com
How can any wolf keep his hands off you when you look delicious like that ;)

Now weren't those some fun, sexy costumes?! My favorites are the Navy Angel, the Roman Empress the Burlesque Babe and the Ladybug costumes. I'd buy those in a heartbeat! Which ones would you wear?!

Happy Halloween all of you lovely ladies! Remember to go crazy with your costumes! Like I said, it's the only day you'll get away with it ;)

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These costumes are all nice Sheila :) Picture 17. Sexy Miss Mouse Costume brought me so much nice memories. I wore one like it when I was younger and it's adorable. I likes best 11. Angel of Darkness Costume & 14. Watchmen Silk Spectre Costume. They're both sensually sexy ;) And I'm sure it would make all heads turn apart my boyfriends! :P

I bought the Snow White costume that is in this post and it was AWFUL! The skirt was definitely not knee length, it was more like a slutty tutu that was so short my butt was hanging out. I was so disappointed, however it worked out well for me since I remade the skirt and made a beautiful knee length (glittery) tutu.

So adorable! I love how these are cute and sexy instead of slutty. I'm going as a sexy nurse this year, I made it all myself =P

How adorable Dianan :)

Alysia, Maybe the girl in the picture is shorter than you and so the skirt was longer on her. These things happen when you buy online, there's always some advantages and disadvantages. But at least you arranged to your advantage :)

Looooool Sheila, Speaking the truth he's jealous!! But that shows me too he really cares. In clothes decision he only says if he likes it or not, but never did he say things like 'Don't wear this or that', so I'm safe!! : P

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