7 Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples ...


7 Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples ...
7 Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples ...

The first year with my significant other, I had a hard time convincing him to dress up together with me on Halloween. While I spent the first three decades of my life planning in devout secrecy my disguise every year – sometimes even hiring my mother to make my outfit by hand – he was completely apathetic of the whole celebration. But if my suggestion was easy (or let’s face it, gory), he was on board.

The following are seven creative ideas that just might make the man in your life suit up with you this year. Without all that fake blood. Although any costume can easily be zombie-fied, if necessary.

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G.I. Joe & Barbie

G.I. Joe & Barbie Price: $59.99 (for Doll in a Box Costume) brandsonsale.com
Because Ken & Barbie were just… boring, and as far as I’m concerned, Ken was a little too “pretty” for her. But G.I. Joe’s rough and tumble – dare I say, badass – persona has a nostalgic soft spot in most men’s hearts. This particular doll costume is reminiscent of the infamous shelf box, but playing Barbie can be as easy as throwing on a blonde wig and some pink heels.

Yes, it’s true – women will almost always choose the bad guy.


Salt & Pepper Shakers

Salt & Pepper Shakers Price: $49.98 (set) at toynk.com
Add a little spice to your Halloween costume this year! Often times, I find that your partner in crime will be more apt to dress up, if it’s comfortable, easy (perhaps even easy to remove) and a little pinch of humor. Also, if you are crafty, these outfits can be easily handmade. These salt and pepper shakers will certainly “shake up” your holiday party.


Adam & Eve

Adam & Eve Price: $31.99 (for both) at costumeexpress.com
I went out singly as Eve a couple Halloweens ago – albeit a VERY trampy version. It was quite fun, save for when I eventually ran into “Adam” who had his own version of “Eve,” which started a tiff that could have ended Eden before it even began as a nudist community. And this is exactly why I no longer dress as “sexy” anything alone on Halloween. But paired together, this couples costume is sinfully fun.


Bacon & Eggs

Bacon & Eggs Price: $44.99 (for both) at costumeexpress.com
Ode to the morning person? Or perhaps a cleverly costumed reminder that after this Halloween party, there better be some greasy diner food involved. Regardless, this food pairing is reflective of the perfect relationship – cooked just right for Halloween. If you have a third candidate, pair up the sizzling bacon and perfectly cooked egg with a box of Wheaties for a complete – and wholesome – breakfast… err, costume idea.


Popeye and Olive Oyl

Popeye and Olive Oyl Price: $34.99 (each) at zoogstercostumes.com
I am what I am! And this year, you will be the Popeye to my ever-sweet dreamer, Olive Oyl. These are two great costume ideas – even if dressing solo this Halloween. The “muscled” forearms are quite the cartoon dream for your male counterpart, however, and much as it is written, your hero will keep Bluto away. With no cans of spinach required!


Bowling Pin and Ball

Bowling Pin and Ball Price: $59.99 (each) at buycostumes.com
Some days you’re the pin… and others, the ball. And this costume idea for couples is the perfect game! Better still, if you have additional friends or couples to spare – and who are willing to join you in striking fashion – add nine more pins. But who will be the turkey?


Marge and Homer Simpson

Marge and Homer Simpson Price: $49.99 (Home is $54.99) at halloweenexpress.com
The Simpsons are America’s favorite dysfunctional family – for over 20 seasons! Homer will be the beer guzzling life of the party, and Marge, the anxious nag. What could be more perfect AND REAL for couples costume this Halloween? Perhaps, a family of Simpson characters, if you live the harmonious 2.5 kids and a dog lifestyle.

I just love Halloween. Most years I start planning a costume well before the season begins and always, always, wear different costumes to each event. I also strive to be creative and unique (I would just HATE if someone were wearing the same thing). If you have a significant other this holiday, what ideas do you have for couple’s costumes?

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Ash and pikachu!

Okay I really want to do Popeye and Olive Oyl next year with my guy! I hope I remember... LOL

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