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10 Physical or Outdoor Bonding Activities for Couples ...

By Denise

Men and women bond differently. Women like having intimate talks while men like doing things. That is one reason we sometimes have a hard time getting even the best men communicators to open up and talk. When I have a hard time getting my man to talk, I always resort to outdoor or physical activities. Those never fail me. Check out these bonding activities that can strengthen your relationship with your man.

1 Hiking

HikingPhoto Credit: rich_brame

Hiking is a great way to experience the outdoors with your man. The adventure and excitement of the hike fosters a sense of closeness and responsibility for each other. Aside from giving you a workout, hiking also gives you beautiful memories to look back on.

2 Camping

CampingPhoto Credit: Emily RF

Make the most of your time outdoors and set up camp after a long, tiring hike. The relaxing atmosphere of the woods have a way of breaking down walls and making you more open with each other.


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3 Stargazing

StargazingPhoto Credit: dogbreathphoto

The beauty and majesty of the night sky have long done wonders for many relationships. You can spend the time talking and getting to know each other. But if you want to do something challenging, then you can also try identifying different constellations.

4 Picnic

PicnicPhoto Credit: João Mamedes

If eating at home is getting boring and eating at restaurants is draining your budget, then give the good old picnic a try. Put together a picnic basket of your favorite drinks and food and head over to your local park. Don’t forget to bring a blanket, as well as an umbrella to provide some shade.

5 Walking the Dog

Walking the DogPhoto Credit: Nathan 2009

Walking the dog is a great way to get exercise with your spouse or boyfriend. Aside from loosening up your body, the walk also relaxes your senses and allows both of you to open up to each other.

6 Working out

Working outPhoto Credit: Hygiene Matters

Working out together is a great bonding activity because you get to accomplish something together. You create a connection as you strive to reach goals you’ve set. And even without specific goals, the endorphins released during exercise makes both of you feel happy and relaxed, making it easy to open up and talk.

7 Gardening

GardeningPhoto Credit: Glenn Harris (Clintriter)

Gardening is a fun and productive activity that you and your partner can do together. You can plant your favorite vegetables, flowers, and other plants. You feel a sense of accomplishment together when you see the fruits of your labor.

8 Build Something

Build SomethingPhoto Credit: honor the gift

Creating something with your partner is a way to build your collaboration and communication skills. The connection between you and your man is strengthened when you see something created by both of you. The product of your work serves a reminder of the great time you had together.

9 Playing Video Games

Playing Video GamesPhoto Credit: Anders Adermark

Video games allow you and your partner to have healthy and fun competition. Even if you are not very good with games, it is still fun to try and learn how to play. If you want something easy to learn, then play Wii games with him. There are a lot of Wii games that both of you can enjoy.

10 Bowling

BowlingPhoto Credit: williwieberg

Bowling is one of those activities that you can still enjoy despite a lack of skill. Like video games, bowling gives you and your partner an opportunity to exercise healthy competition. But if you choose to, you can also use bowling to learn to trust each other and work together.

It really helps if both of you enjoy outdoor or physical activities. However, you don’t necessarily have to be an outdoorsy or physical person to benefit from these activities. You just need to have an open mind and an adventurous spirit. New things can help spice up and strengthen your relationship, so give these activities a try.

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