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7 Unexpected Date Night Ideas ...

By Amber

Why not surprise your partner with a super date night? What a great feeling it is when we realize that someone loves us enough to plan a night of romance and passion. Fast paced lifestyles often leave little time to devote to our relationships. A very astute observation oft heard is that the best thing you can give your spouse and your children is a great marriage; above all else put your marriage first. With that in mind, here are some fun date night ideas.

1 The Original Date

The Original DatePhoto Credit: jmvnoos in Paris

Recreate the first date but with a little added “cha-ching”. Make it a complete surprise. If you take him/her away on a date without letting them in on the plan, they will have a ball and appreciate all your effort to recreate a significant life event.

2 A Date Night

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You can plan a great date night for right at home. After the kids go to bed, plan some candlelight moments with some chocolate covered strawberries, a little fine wine and a romantic movie... or just skip the movie!


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3 A Time to Talk

A Time to TalkPhoto Credit: lauretta rosanne

Make time to talk and communicate with your life partner. Effective communication takes practice and the only way to practice is to set aside time for communicating. If you are totally swamped, write your partner a letter! Love letters are great way to reiterate your feelings to your loved one. Write a love letter and set up a date with your partner.

4 A Home Date

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A home date during the work week is a fantastic way to surprise your partner. Arranging for your partner to come home to a candlelight supper, kids at grandma's and a night of relaxation will make you extremely popular with your lover. An evening devoted to each other has great potential for memories to be made.

5 Nothing Better than a Song

Nothing Better than a SongPhoto Credit: QuinnDombrowski

Everyone wants to feel important and cherished. What better way than a song and a dance to show someone how much you care? Write one if you can; if not pick out a favorite tune and surprise them with a slow dance! Sometimes the simplest thoughtful act can mean the most to the recipient.

6 Show Me the Money

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If your finances allow, take your date out for a special shopping treat. Shop for what they especially enjoy, create a time well spent together. Hey, even guys like to shop, as long as it's not for shoes... or silverware...

7 Starry Night

Starry NightPhoto Credit: Mioara Dragan

Nothing sets a romantic mood quicker than a starry night sky. A surprise date under a clear, full moon and bright stars is a very romantic idea. Get a blanket and some goodies and create a special moment just for the two of you.

Nothing says “I love you” better than time spent with each other. Ask yourself what type of surprise date you would enjoy; then create the perfect surprise date for your lover. Make the time to invest in your relationship. Imagine how good it would make you feel if someone spent their time investing in you. Now how can you invest in your loved one?

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