7 Things to do for Your Anniversary ...


7 Things to do for Your Anniversary ...
7 Things to do for Your Anniversary ...

An anniversary is a special time for the both of you and you should try to do something that will be remembered for a long time to come. My 7 year anniversary is on October 24, 2010 and here are 7 things to do for your anniversary.

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Do Something That You Would Never Normally do

Do Something That You Would Never Normally do Photo Credit: ? jon argos ?

Do something fun, completely out of your comfort zone and something that you will remember for years to come. For instance, bungee jumping, free falling, swimming with sharks and so on. You will share the experience of something completely new together and this will help to tighten the bond between the two of you.


Book a Country Cottage

Book a Country Cottage Photo Credit: B?n

A nice secluded, but not creepy, cottage is always a nice time to spend some quality time together and celebrate your special occasion. In my opinion, try to pick somewhere that is away from the city and with beautiful surrounding walks plus activities to take part in, if you feel the need to leave the cottage.


Arrange a Lovely Holiday

Arrange a Lovely Holiday Photo Credit: Ben Heine

For a more extravagant anniversary gift, or idea, why not book a holiday to somewhere that you have never visited before. This is an ideal way to make sure that you remember the special day several years down the line.


Splash out on a Lavish Restaurant

Splash out on a Lavish Restaurant Photo Credit: Birdie2533

Now I do not mean splash out on a lavish restaurant every year, otherwise it would lose its charm. However, on the special anniversaries, such as ten or twenty years, book a table at a restaurant that serves top quality food. Remember that you will probably need to book well in advance, so be prepared, because sometimes you need to book several months in advance for gourmet restaurants.


Book a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Book a Hot Air Balloon Ride Photo Credit: klocean

Many companies have special deals for those celebrating their anniversary; you book the hot air balloon and receive champagne plus other treats whilst you are in the air. You may even find that some companies offer discounted prices on the hot air balloon. In my opinion, if you can afford this then you have to experience the amazing views from floating in the air, it is much better than being in an aeroplane.


Pack a Romantic Picnic for Some Secluded Fun

Pack a Romantic Picnic for Some Secluded Fun Photo Credit: Seattle Miles (OFF Flickr until November)

Another option which can be quite cheap depending on what you decide to pack for the picnic. Why not treat yourselves and bring along whatever you fancy, find a nice secluded place to enjoy your picnic. If you think that you might go on other picnics afterwards then you could always invest in a picnic hamper which stores cutlery, wine glasses, plates and so on.


Spend an Evening in for Two

Spend an Evening in for Two Photo Credit: isayx3

This option is one of the cheaper ones but this does not make it any less wonderful, especially if you have children or a hectic working life where it is difficult to spend time together. So book a babysitter in advance and tell work that you will be unavailable, spend the evening together. You can arrange a romantic dinner with a bottle of wine talking or spend the evening watching films or both.

There you have 7 things to do for your anniversary, the good thing with these suggestions is that you can make them as unique as you like. For instance, the romantic picnic you could decide to go off to an adventure park instead of a secluded area. What do you like to do?

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