16+ Brands to Buy Perfect Straight Leg Jeans from ...

We all want comfortable jeans, but that doesn’t mean that they have to look scruffy. Like any other jeans in your closet, your straight legs should be trim, tailored and stylish. What I love about straight leg jeans is that this casual but fashionable style can be worn with any look, and they flatter everyone too! But where is the best place to get the**perfect pair of straight leg jeans**?

1. 7 for All Mankind

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The leader in premium denim have a stunning range of straight leg jeans, including my favourite crystal grey pair. The jeans are amazingly comfortable, and available in a range of colours from blue to black. They are available in medium or dark washes and are very worth the money for jeans that won’t go out of fashion.

Visit 7forallmankind.com

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