16 Brands to Buy Perfect Straight Leg Jeans from ...


16 Brands to Buy Perfect Straight Leg Jeans from ...
16 Brands to Buy Perfect Straight Leg Jeans from ...

We all want comfortable jeans, but that doesn’t mean that they have to look scruffy. Like any other jeans in your closet, your straight legs should be trim, tailored and stylish. What I love about straight leg jeans is that this casual but fashionable style can be worn with any look, and they flatter everyone too! But where is the best place to get the**perfect pair of straight leg jeans**?

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7 for All Mankind

7 for All Mankind The leader in premium denim have a stunning range of straight leg jeans, including my favourite crystal grey pair. The jeans are amazingly comfortable, and available in a range of colours from blue to black. They are available in medium or dark washes and are very worth the money for jeans that won’t go out of fashion.

Visit 7forallmankind.com


Abercrombie and Fitch

Abercrombie and Fitch Another leading brand, Abercrombie have a new range of straight leg jeans for Winter 08. They range from casual blue pairs to varying degrees of rips and frays. The range is unique in its styling, and its prices reflect that. The sizing is accurate, but frayed jeans don’t have a long lifespan, which is worth bearing in mind before buying.

Visit abercrombie.co.uk



Acne Acne’s dye, crease and colour experiment is carried on into the straight leg jeans, but the cuts are much more modern and so the look is very wearable. The jeans are accurate sizes and the waist cuts flatter people of all sizes. A favourite brand of mine, they are definitely worth looking into.

Visit shop.acnestudios.com

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Chip&Pepper Chip and pepper’s low rise range features dark wash and blue jeans. They are easy to dress up or down, and are made brilliantly. However the most original pair is called Olson Straight Leg in One Man, which feature ripped knees and a low waist. The prices are affordable, and the range is good quality.

Visit chipandpepper.com


CK Calvin Klein

CK Calvin Klein Check out calvinklein.com for Calvin’s sexy take on this trend. The jeans will last a long time, and are sold at reasonable prices. They mainly come in black, but are available in other colours also. The jeans are really comfy, and definitely worth the money!

Visit calvinklein.com



DVb A different take on straight leg jeans, with them being slightly tighter than usual. They are well made and feature in a lot of fashion magazines, although they will definitely need to be tried on before buying.

Visit rouletteclothing.com

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Frankie B

Frankie B A very girly range of jeans, these are original both in their style and their colours. From embroidered butterflies to stripy legs, there’s something for everyone, and your jeans will certainly attract the attention they deserve!

Visit frankieb.com



Gas Check out gasjeans.com for stylish, essential jeans. From low rise to high waist, the fall line features some gorgeous variations of straight leg jeans.

Visit gasjeans.com



Habitual Habitual shows the range for one of the most popular jeans designers around. Offering jeans in a range of colours, they are comfortable and well made, although the price does reflect the company’s new found popularity and designer status.

Visit habitual.com


James Jeans

James Jeans A US brand, James Jeans have a wide range of colours, rises and washes available to choose from. The prices reflect the quality, and the postage can be a little high if your outside America, but its worth a look for a unique range.

Visit jamesjeans.us



Levi's Levi only currently offer 5 styles of straight leg jeans, but as usual for Levi’s they are exceptionally comfortable. If your just after a pair for your wardrobe its worth checking out, otherwise it might be worth looking around for a better range.

Visit us.levi.com

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Notify Notify online store offers the complete new range of straight leg jeans from this very stylish designer. Offering skin tight, wrinkled and even white jeans, the range is very impressive, and the jeans will suit most figures. Measure yourself though, to check your size is right.

Visit notifyjeans.com


Pepe Jeans

Pepe Jeans Available at pepejeans.com, this offers a fresh range of straight leg jeans, with ‘worn look’, dark washes and low rises. The range looks very young and is already being talked about, so is sure to be popular.

Visit pepejeans.com


See by Chloe

See by Chloe It can be hard to track down these jeans, and you’ll probably need to save up for them, but the styles are vintage and scream designer. Try them on, if possible, or measure yourself, as the sizing can be a little difficult to figure out, but the jeans themselves are gorgeous.

Visit chloe.com for store locations.


Vanessa Bruno

Vanessa Bruno These jeans are also hard to find online, but the range is unique in its bagginess. The jeans usually feature the Vanessa Bruno logo on the back pocket, and fit snugly. A few styles are available at yoox.com, in blue and black.

Visit vanessabruno.com for store locations.

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Wrangler Wrangler are fast becoming popular worldwide, boasting that their jeans are fitted in 120 places. Their straight leg range features super low cut waists, black, blue or grey washes and the option for a more tailored style. The jeans fit gorgeously, and can be teamed with trainers or heels for an interchangeable look.

Visit wrangler.com

Whatever your budget or look, there’s a pair of straight leg jeans especially for you.


True Religion Jeans


I personally have never tried their straight leg jeans, but our reader Amy says she likes them a lot, so we should definitely check them out!

Visit truereligionbrandjeans.com/

Do you have a favourite place to buy them? Or do you have an opinion on any of the brands listed? I’d love to hear your views...

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I agree, 7 jeans will never go out of fashion!

great post! I would add Gap, for me, b/c I have good luck with jeans there!

Can't believe you haven't included Edwin jeans! I absolutely adore the straight legs I bought recently - the fit is perfect & they feel great. Not sure how easy they are to find? I got mine from Nola in Brighton, who are on the web

Great article! I'm currently wearing my sfam jeans and you're right, they are insanely comfortable! I'm a wee bit disappointed that the popular brands aren't up there, especially True religion!

CK and Pepe Jeans are among my favorites brands of jeans:)


I love my lucky brand lola straight leg jeans. I have had them for about 5 years now, and they still hold their shape and color. I am looking to buy another pair but it seems that the lola straight leg cut is being discontinued. I cannot seem to find size 25 anywhere!

Great read...I'm always looking for tips on denim!!! I just found an awesome pair of Wranglers and another brand that I was not familiar with, Genetics, at this store in Wicker Park, called We The Free. I don't mind spending the money on a nice pair of jeans, but like I said, I need help with fits!!! THe staff was great...very helpful!!!

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