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8 Cute Beach Cover-Ups ...

By Fawn

Ah beach life! Laying out in the summer sun in nothing but an itsy bitsy, teen weeny bikini. But sometimes, you need to cover-up, throw something on really quick so that you can do something not tan related. Well, the following cover-ups are here to help!

1 Milly Crochet Cotton Cover-up

Milly Crochet Cotton Cover-upPrice: $195 at
This is the perfect cover-up that just hints at a little bit more. The tiny cutouts give you a glimpse of that's underneath without being indecent. And it's got a very relaxed feel. It's the perfect addition to any beach bag! Definitely abeach essential!

2 Shay Todd Strapless Toweling Mini Dress

Shay Todd Strapless Toweling Mini DressPrice: $185 at
Finally, a two in one towel dress that doesn't look trashy. Just throw this bad boy on, straight out of the pool and you get a dry off and a cute little dress!


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3 Lotta Stensson Dip-Dye Silk Handkerchief Dress

Lotta Stensson Dip-Dye Silk Handkerchief DressPrice: $385
This is absolutely gorgeous, especially over a metallic swimsuit. Just throw this on with a pair of metallic gladiator sandals or fabulous flats, your metallic swimsuit and you're set for a day on the beach followed up by a night on the town!

4 Diane Von Furstenberg Kleio Mini Dress

Diane Von Furstenberg Kleio Mini DressPrice: $250 at
Everything about this dress screams summer, from the cut to to the color. It's got a dangerous dip that few women would be comfortable with unless they have a swimsuit on underneath. I'm also loving all the eyelet patterns that swirl around the bottom and sleeves. All in all, I have a feeling that this particular Diane Von Furstenberg creation is going to be a big hit!

5 Matthew Williamson Printed Cotton Sundress

Matthew Williamson Printed Cotton SundressPrice: $815 at
This dress is definitely a stand out. It's got a loud print that isn't obnoxious because of the slighty muted colors. It's another dress with a dangerous bikini-peeking dip but it's absolutely gorgeous! It's young and hip without being bright and ostentatious! Don't forget to wear these with some designer flats for added drama.

6 Calvin Klein Animal-print Jersey Dress

Calvin Klein Animal-print Jersey DressPrice: $80
Go ahead and let your inner animal out! This jersey dress is the perfect coverup to just throw on and go! The material is so soft to the touch it feels like you're wearing a cloud and I'm excited to pair it with a brightly colored bikini! Don't forget your sunglasses...

7 Emamo Embellished Cotton Kaftan

Emamo Embellished Cotton KaftanPrice: $490
This sheer kaftan is absolutely beautiful. It's sheer coverage shows off that bikini clad silhouette and the big buttons are perfect eye catchers to spice it up a little! Plus, it's white so it will really go with just about anything! I would pair it with bright orange accessories.

8 JETS by Jessika Allen One-shouldered Jersey Dress

JETS by Jessika Allen One-shouldered Jersey DressPrice: $220 at
This is the dress that you slip on when you're at the beach and have something going on a little later. It's one of the dressier cover-ups but the color is so eye catching and the cut is so flattering it just can't be left off!

Well ladies, I think we've covered just what cover-ups to wear this season. What do you think? Any particular cover-up catching your eye? Any dress or slip on you'd like to share with me? Let me know down below!

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