25 Beach Essentials for a Fabulous Day at the Beach ...


25 Beach Essentials for a Fabulous Day at the Beach ...
25 Beach Essentials for a Fabulous Day at the Beach ...

The sun is high in the sky, the temperature is soaring and work is a distant memory... ahhh finally - it’s beach time! With oodles of time to spare and hundreds of rays to catch, beaching is sport of the day!

After you have rounded up some fun-loving beach buddies, it’s time to pack a bag for the day.

So what do you need? Well, there are** lots of essentials** and there’s other stuff that’s cool, fun and will add some summer sizzle!
The 25 Absolute Must-Haves for the Beach:

• A fabulous bathing suit
Havaianas flip flops
• High SPF Sun cream with a separate sun block for your face. A tan looks good but how long does it last? Wrinkles and even worse, skin cancer are long term. Be sensible, use a high factor and avoid the midday sun.
• Floppy hat that covers your face
• Hair protector spray - especially if you have high-lights or have coloured your hair. And of course any self respecting beach babe will have their sunnies on already, to protect their eyes.
• Lip protector - I just bought a vanilla one with SPF 20 and I can't stop applying it! Yum!
• Over-sized stylish beach bag
• Sarongs - they are the most versatile piece in any summer bag as they can be used as a cover-up, towel, hammock, or just to dust off the sand at the end of the day.
• Thermal Spring Water for the face - I personally love Avene and La Roche-Posay - not only they hydrate the skin, but they are also so refreshing! I feel like a new person every time I spray my face with this water!
• A good book (preferably with a saucy summer storyline!)
• Camera
• Beach Towel
• Sarong (in regulation colourful beach print, of course!)
• Fruit - Grapes and Strawberries are my favorites for a day at the beach...
• A chunky bracelet or necklace (preferably made from natural materials)
• Frisbee
Kaftan cover-up
• A compact mirror
• Waterproof mascara
• A new fashion magazine
• Small medical kit – eye drops, plaster, wound disinfectant & cotton wool
• An iPod - the sound of the waves crashing on the shore is heavenly but it’s always nice to hear some chilled beats as you snooze on a deck chair, so don’t forget your iPod!
Big bottle of Water!!! Don’t forget to take the biggest bottle of water you can find, so you can stay hydrated and avoid sunstroke.
• Your girlfriends!

That’s my beach bag packed and I’m ready to hit the sand! Have I missed anything? Is there anything you wouldn’t go to the beach without?

I love beach time with my girls as my hubby gets too hot and bothered. Who do you like beaching with?
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Just to let you know, you repeated a couple.. but other than that It's good (: But you could also bring money for nearby ice cream stands or a change of clothes incase you're going somewhere after. And who could forget sandcastle supplies? ;)

Why is iPod & sunnies mentioned twice?

I just got a new bathing suit and I cant wait to head down to the beach to show it off...my fiance loves it!! I'm hoping this weekend doesnt rain out again so maybe I can go swimming in the pool! A camera is a def essential for me...any where I go!! Great list.

Make up!?!??!?! NOOOOO!!!! It's a day at the beach...you should not be worrying about make up! Instead, I would definitely add a hairbrush maybe spray on conditioner...the salt can really make your hair tangly!

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