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Chanel Classic Bags ...

By Olga

Chanel is Chanel **and arguably, we ladies want to have at least one to use in this lifetime! To have and use one **classic Chanel bag **is not only a **heavy and solid statement made but an indication that yes, you know fashion **and you appreciate **quality and timeless workmanship. Check out these Chanel classic bags and see if you have one or if you want to buy at least one! Happy choosin’!

1 Large Flap Bag

Large Flap BagBeautiful Chanel bag that you can bring just about anywhere! The metal chain strap is a trademark Chanel feature.

2 Clutch Bag

Clutch BagFor cocktails and first dates.

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3 Classic Flap Bag

Classic Flap BagThe soft surface and beautiful lining makes this a distinct buy.

4 Large Shopping Bag

Large Shopping BagThis is one shopping bag you will never be afraid or embarrassed to bring even to the smallest of grocery stores. Get the limelight honey!

5 Medium Bag

Medium BagThe large Chanel logo on the bag itself is reason enough to attract the attention the bag and you yourself deserve!

6 Tote

ToteSimple tote you can bring to work.

7 Bowling Bag

Bowling BagBring this to a class reunion and you know it will be a conversational piece.

8 Large and Small Shopping Bags

Large and Small Shopping BagsChanel bags you can carry when you shop at some trendy street like Rodeo Drive.

9 Zipped Handbag

Zipped HandbagPerfect to bring during movie dates with the significant other.

10 Medium Shopping Bag

Medium Shopping BagVeer away from the usual black.

11 Large Shopping Bag

Large Shopping BagAny of these two is always a great choice to bring along for Sunday afternoon chitchats with gal pals.

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