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The Limited Edition Rare De Couture Handbag ...

By Mrs.

October 23nd, 2007

The Limited Edition Rare De ****Couture Handbag
At first glance, you are probably sitting there wondering who is the creator of these lovely handbags pictured above. I would have you guess, but chances are you may not be familiar with this purse designer.

The bags are created by De Couture. An Italian based fashion collaboration project between accessories designer Vinciane Stouvenaker and apparel designer Massimo Mariotti. Their experience, along with their love for research lead to the birth of a Haute couture bag collection designed with a new dimension in leather accessories in mind. The goal of De Couture is to create a timeless bag, which as you can see above they mastered this task by creating this limited edition sleek patent purse. The handbags by De Couture are long lasting pieces that you will find yourself using from now until forever, without fear of it going out of style.

Also, don’t you hate it when everyone has the same bag as you? De Couture hears ya. They only produced 50 bags in each color (black or ivory). The ivory is my favorite! The black bag looks equally as lovely, but I am a huge fan of gold hardware matched with the light off white color. This unique masterpiece retails for just under $1,500 @ aloharag.

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